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    My husband and I and another couple decided to take a road trip to Colorado. We are leaving Gulfport, Ms. on Sept. 18. This is a list of some of the places we would like to visit. San Antonio, Tx., Durango, Co., Telluride, Co., Aspen, Co., Denver, Co., Pueblo, Co., Canon City, Co. Now I think one of the couples would like to visit Grand Canyon , Az. We have 13 days to travel. Does anyone have any route suggestions? Can this be done in 13 days. We really do not want to ride more than 8 hours in a day. Normally I am a planner and have everything planned before we leave. Even reservation made. This will be new to me. Any information would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    To answer your biggest question: Yes, you can make this trip in 13 days, but there will be a lot of togetherness. You're looking at about 9 days of 8 hour driving. Note that such a schedule means more like 10-11 hours 'on the road' when you include gas, food and bathroom breaks as well as a little time for mental and physical exercise outside the vehicle. You would fit the Grand Canyon in between San Antonio and Durango. some comments on the various legs:

    Gulfport to San Antonio is more than you can comfortably accomplish in a day. Assuming you want to see something or visit someone there, plan on leaving the morning of your third day.

    San Antonio to the Grand Canyon will just fit into a two day drive with minimal stops.

    You're going to need about 2½ days to get from Canon City to Gulfport.

    That leaves you 6-6½ days to explore Colorado. Not a lot, but overall I think this could be an enjoyable trip.


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    Default Suggestions.

    Some attractions that are possibilities along your route from Grand canyon to Canon City while trying to "hit" the spots you mention would be, Monument valley and Mesa Verde NP between GC and Durango. You could take a scenic ride on the old train from Durango to the mountain town of Silverton or drive the "Million dollar highway" [US550] through Silverton and Ouray and cut back to Telluride at Ridgeway. You could then head towards Montrose [nearby is Black canyon] and Delta to Carbondale and then 82 to Aspen [Maroon bells?] and Twin lakes. Head North through Leadvillle [highest incorporated town in the US] and 91 to I 70 towards Denver. On route is a wonderful drive over Loveland pass on US6 from Dillon, and of course, Rocky mountain NP. Near to Colorado Springs, [Manitou Springs] is Garden of the God's and Cave of the Winds. Head to Canon City on 115 to Penrose and US 50 to Canon City [Royal gorge] and then to Pueblo. You will not be able to see it all in the 6.5 day's Buck described, and there are many, many other options [like Moab for Arches and Canyonlands NP's] but it might be a base to build from.

    This report might help you make those decisions.

    As you build your trip and new questions pop up, just ask.

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    Thank you so much, AZBuck and SouthwestDave for all the info you gave me. It looks like we have got to work on this some more and decide on what is most important to us. We really do want this to be a relaxing vacation. We just might cut out San Antonio if that would give us more time. That is really doable anytime. I will have to play with the map some more. Nothing is in stone. We just want to take off and be flexible...We are more into sight seeing than anything else. Can hardly wait to get on the road. Thanks agian.

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    Dave, I just got through reading your review. WOW, I am so ready. The pictures were beautiful. Thank you so much for journey. 9 more days and we will be off.

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    Default Would free up valuable time.

    We just might cut out San Antonio if that would give us more time.
    Going to San Antonio will only add a couple of hours to your journey [towards GC] but to go there and make it worthwhile would mean another half day of sight seeing, so if it can wait I think it would be a wise choice.

    If you wanted to get West quickly, you could make the Grand canyon in 3 day's direct, but it would mean 9 to 10 hours each day, or 3.5 days keeping to around 8 hours a day on the road. That would put you just West of Shreveport on night 1, [around Longview/Tyler] Amarillo night 2, and Gallup area on night 3, leaving you a 4/5 hour run to Grand canyon.

    Three days would put you around Dallas and Santa Rosa for overnight stops.

    Not long to go then, glad you enjoyed the report, and I hope you will drop by with one of your own !

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