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    Hello! I am driving from NYC to Chicago this weekend and was wondering if anyone has any tips for this route. What are your thoughts on taking I-70 vs I-80? And does anyone have recommendations for places to stay overnight in OH? Thanks!

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    I-80 is preferable to I-70 for a number of reasons including lower tolls, fewer miles and generally more pleasing scenery (although both routes are certainly scenic). But such a choice only gets you through Pennsylvania. Then in Ohio/Indiana you face another choice, basically I-80 vs. US-30. Again the choice comes down to miles, tolls and scenery, but this time not all factors point to the same route, and there is the additional consideration of time. I-80 is certainly the fastest and close to the shortest route, and it's certainly the shortest in terms of time. But it is a toll road and it is fairly monotonous. For both those reasons, I prefer to use US-30. Actually it's a bit more complicated than that. When I-80 meets the Ohio Turnpike, the I-80 designation goes with the toll road, but the Interstate continues straight ahead as I-76 through Akron to I-71 southwest. At Mansfield US-30 heads out across Midwestern farmland as a mostly four lane highway with freeway quality bypasses of the larger cities all the way to Merrillville, IN where I-65 would take you back up into the Chicago area. Whichever way you go, halfway would be roughly in the Youngstown, OH area where you will have an abundance of choices for lodging.

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    I-70 really is a long way out of the way, so its really not a great choice for this trip. Unless you've got something you want to see that way, I'd certainly save the 100 miles.

    There are certainly no shortage of places where you could stay, depending upon where in Ohio you are thinking of spending the night. However, unfortuantly, since there are hundreds of motels with all sorts of amenities and prices and just a small number of regular posters, we really can't offer much in the way of specific recommendations.

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    I would take I-80 all the way, and if you have an EZ-Pass, it works in OH, IN, and IL now.

    I have stayed at the OH-46 exit (223) on I-80 in Niles (near Youngstown just before you get to the OH Turnpike) before. There's a few reasonably priced hotels right at the exit. If you feel like driving another 2.5 hours, I've also stayed at the Super 8 at the I-280 Toledo east exit (71). Get off the toll road, go north 1 exit, get off, turn left, then turn right at the T-intersection. The first road on the right will take you in to the hotel.

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