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  1. Default planning a trip by road - NYC to Niagara 2 days


    We are planning a trip by road - NYC to Niagara 2 days

    Leave Early Sat Morning, Return Sunday Lat Night, Monday Early Morning.

    Based on feedback looks like the following is the best route.

    We are looking to stop over at some scenic locations on the way.

    Any feedback on the below route will be appreciated!,9.876709&z=7

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    Welcome to the RTA forum!

    I think you are overdoing things to a pretty extreme degree. Its nearly a full day drive from NYC to Niagara Falls just sticking to the Thruway, to try to throw in all of these stops and detours would take far more hours than you have daylight. Not to mention, presumably, you want to actually spend a little time at the actual falls.

    Your plan to return Late Sunday night also is a very big cause for concern - after doing all of what you've planned already, you're going to use up a lot of energy and be fairly tired so leaving late on a 400+ mile trip isn't a good idea to start, but then on top of that to take the slow going scenic route you've laid out just doesn't make much sense. Even if you ignored the fatigue factor, you'd still be trying to take a scenic route in the middle of the night, which is quite pointless.

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    I'd recommend you postpone this trip till you can take a 3 day weekend.

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    Thanks Guys for the response!

    Actually we do not plan to cover all these places but since these are on the way these are our possible stops. Would like to know if which one of these are actually good and which one should be drop off.

    Also just in case there is some other place you could recommend it would be great.

    We are looking for one stop on the way to Niagara and one on the way back.

    We are looking to leave Saturday around 4:00 or 5:00 AM and reach back "latest by" Sunday Late/Monday Early before 3:00 AM. Can reach early as well.

    I know its best to do it on a three day weekend but then that may be next year :(.

    PS: Have applied for a leave for Monday - Hope it Materializes :D

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    If you've only got 2 days, then I really would just focus on spend your time at the falls.

    I will again strongly say that your current plans to do your trip at the expense of sleep are a very bad idea. Its one thing to try to wake up early for a day, or stay up late for a leg, but your plan has you being a vehicluar homicide waiting to happen. If you try to drive through the middle of the night to get back just one day after waking up well before dawn, your body will be telling itself its time to shut down long before you are even close to making it home. This is a very easy distance to cover in a day, but your attempt to force your body to massively shift its internal clock, is simply put extremely dangerous and very very comparable with driving drunk.

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