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  1. Default Need help on feasibility of mid nov trip through CA/Idaho/Mont/Utah

    My wife and I want to do a road trip leaving from southern California via RV up to Yosemite for a couple nights, then through Nevada to Idaho, then Big Sky/Yellowstone and back down through Utah and home. Our concern is we know it will be getting much colder in November but are there easy roads to get to these locations? We don't want to be driving an RV on slippery icy roads. We may go late October if we can but are wondering the ease or not of these roads. Thank you.

    Erik and Amber

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    There are no cast iron guarantees that you won't run into cold/snowy/icy weather while travelling at this time of year anywhere. Interstate and main highways are the first priority to get cleared in the event of a winter storm, and during one of these, the easy option would be to pull over and sit it out while the road crews do their job.

    My main concern would be Yellowstone, the weather can be extreme, and by November 8 all the interior park roads close down for the season.

    With the weather being so unpredictable it could be a case of wait and see, but I would certainly try and get away in October and have a plan 'B', where you might perhaps spend more time in Cali, Nevada, Utah and perhaps Arizona and put Yellowstone on a "another day list".

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