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    Hi, my husband and I are planning a road trip with my parents from Minnesota, southeast to the coast, north into Vermont and New Hampshire (we're not going all the way into Maine), taking the northern route home towards Niagra and then going through Canada on our way back home to northern MN. Our main locations and stops of interest we know we want to do for sure are St. Louis, Nashville, Newark Delaware (visiting friend), Gettysburg, Washington D.C., Boston, Vermont / New Hampshire (we don't have any specifics here but it's an area I've always wanted to visit), and Niagra Falls. We'd be traveling in July or August.

    I'm looking for additional attractions and recommended scenic routes along in these areas. Not necessarily big tourist attractions, but more recommendations from people who have found their own gems in these areas or locals who know what are truly the best places to see. I don't want to spend the whole trip on big main highways but want to really see the scenery as we travel. Anyone have any tips?

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    Well, hopefully you have at least a few weeks for this nearly 4000 mile adventure you've laid out, particularly as you want to take the roads less traveled. So, herewith some more time sinks that I've enjoyed in the past:

    From 'northern Minnesota' (I assumed Duluth), head down the Great River Road to St. Louis with stops at some of the many wildlife refuges, historic sites, and great old river towns. I'm not sure how you plan to get from Nashville to 'the coast', but one way that would fit in well with your plans is to go from Nashville through Great Smoky Mountains National Park to the Blue Ridge Parkway up to the Washington/Gettysburg area. Then after visiting your friend in Newark, head down through the Delmarva Peninsula to the Delaware Beaches and then take the ferry from Lewes over to Cape May, NJ and follow the Jersey coast line up to the New York area and on into New England. As you start back home, consider coming down the Lake Champlain - Hudson river Valley to Albany and then using US-20 instead of the New York State Thruway to Niagara. And once in Canada consider going up through Toronto and completely over the top of Lake Huron (ON-400/TC-12/TC-69/TC-17) to Sault Ste Marie and a stop at Colonial Michilimackinac State Historical Park before the final run to home on US-2 past Apostle Islands National Lakeshore.

    Mmmmmm... Maybe a month would be a better time frame....

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    Get the AAA guide books - free to AAA members. They were of immense help to me in finding places to visit in specific locations.

    By the way, the Blue Ridge Parkway and the ferry from Lewes over to Cape May, NJ, are two wonderful trips!

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