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  1. Default 2011 road trip from Detroit, MI taking route 2 to highway 5 south to highway 40 east

    My husband's biggest dream has always been to take a road trip out west. He was recently retired with a medical dissability, and I would really like to make the absolute most of this trip. We have plans to take 6 weeks next summer(late June) towing our fifth wheel camper. Our thoughts are to take route 2 across the northern states, possibly spend a week with our grandchildren in Seattle, then travel south on highway 5 to highway 40 taking the southern states across to Cookeville, TN where we plan to relocate to. We have not been to any of the states west of Michigan via road trip, we have flown to Seattle so we have missed alot in between.

    I'm sure we will see many spectacular sites along the way, but as I mentioned, I really want to make the most of this trip, we don't want to miss any of the "must sees" if at all possible.

    Is a six week time frame reasonable?
    Is late June late enough in the year to avoid road closures through the mountains?
    Any suggestions on campgrounds along the way?

    I am just beginning to look into this, any suggestions will be very much appreciated.

    Thank you,

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    6 weeks should be plenty of time. I show your route to be about 5500 miles. Taking a week off in Seattle that leaves 35 days to do this, which is just over 150 miles a day and 3 hours on the road average. Late June would be perfect for the mountains.

    Start by putting dots on the map at all the major attractions, and then start connecting them!

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    Default Thinking inside the" box"

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    I know it is the early stages of planning, so I would recommend you look around the various RTA pages for inspiration with a good map to hand. At the moment your route numbers "box" your trip around some of the best the "West" has to offer, such as the National parks and scenic routes of Utah and Colorado.

    If you like the "great" outdoors then National and State parks offer some of the best locations and most budget friendly choices for camping. Use the NPS Website to find parks and all the info. You would need to book well in advance at the popular ones as they do fill up quickly.

    Six weeks is a nice amount of time but you will still need to make choices, so as glc mentioned, get some dots on the map and then we can help piece it together. Don't get fixated on "set routes" and think outside the box, but have a good look inside it as well, enjoy the planning !

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