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    We will be driving a 16 foot rental truck and towing a car, we want easiest direct route. I would like tips on the safest and best route on interstates. What should we avoid? Best cities/towns right off the highway to stop and stay in for the night? Thanks!!

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    The most direct all Interstate route is just I-70 to St. Louis, I-44 to Oklahoma City and I-40 to where it joins I-15 for the final run into the Los Angeles area. Since you'll be driving a rather unwieldy rental truck, you should probably schedule 5 days of around 450 miles each, allowing plenty of time for both food and fuel stops as well as exercise and mental health breaks. Spacing your driving out relatively evenly over those 5 days would result in stops around the western suburbs of St. Louis, Oklahoma City, Santa Rosa (NM) and Williams (AZ).


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    Thanks so much! That's just the info I needed. I was unaware of Santa Rosa and Williams.
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