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    Hello everybody, Im planning a roadtrip with my family in Sept. We are 2 adults and a baby of 19 months.
    We would love to spend from Sept 11th till Oct 7th on the road, going from Las Vegas, Gran Canyon, Death Valley, Monunmental Valley, Yosemite Park, San Francisco, and down to LA by road 1, and finish in Las vegas to drop off the RV.
    Is this posible? Where do you recommend us to stay between Las Vegas and Yosemite?
    Are there Rv campings in San Francisco?
    Is there something cool from LA to Las Vegas?
    Your idea is not to drive more than 4 hours (not even) a day so we would like to know if it is posible to start in Las Vegas and finish in Las Vegas going to all those places before.

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    Default Relaxed pace.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    You certainly have enough time to visit the places you have mentioned at a relaxed pace. You could, if you wanted too, add in a couple of "bonuses" and head to Bryce canyon and Zion NP'S from the Grand canyon and back towards Death valley rather than re tracing your steps on I40. There are limited choices in San Fran for campgrounds and one of the popular ones is called "Candlestick RV park". It seems as though it's a little tightly packed and more like a parking lot, but it does have a free transport service downtown, some where you really don't want to go in the RV ! Between LV and Yosemite there are many options, in Death valley itself or many places along 395 such as Mammoth lakes. In Las Vegas there is a pretty cool resort RV Park called the "Oasis RV resort." For campgrounds in the National parks go to and use the "find a park" link. For Grand canyon I would recommend "Mather campground" and Yosemite select from one of the "Pines campgrounds" on the valley floor. Even though it is out of season, if you set your schedule it would be worth booking, but if you want to "wing it" you should be OK. If you head to Bryce and Zion check out "Rubys Inn" and the "Watchman campground" in Zion NP.

    From LA to Vegas you could head through Joshua tree NP and the Mojave preserve.

    Check this link out for a few of the threads covering this area, including our own RV trip in the area. Have a search of the forums for lot's more info on the area and as you build your trip and have new questions, just ask away 1

  3. Default Roads!!

    Thanks for your advice!!!
    Im reading everything I found about this area, and getting very anthusiastic.
    I need help in the routes issues. I have no idea how to organice the trip in terms of which road to get.
    I will do a summary of my trip and see if you could help me with the roads and stayings and time in each place. Leaving Las vegas de 11th sept till 6th oct in las Vegas to drop the RV

    Day 1: Leaving from Las Vegas to Gran Canyon (2 nights at Mather Campground)
    Day 3: Leaving Gran Canyon going to Bryce and Zion (2 nights there at Ruby Inn)
    Day 5: Leaving Zion to Death Valley Park (spent 1 night there, Where?)
    Day 6: Go to Monumental Valley (1 night sleep Where?)
    Day 7: Head towards Yosemite Park (Stay 2 o 3 nights stay at Pines Campgrounds) Is here that you go through Tioga Pass to San Francisco?
    Day 10: Head to San Francisco (4 nights)
    day 14 : Go through road 1 to LA (need help here where to stop Monterrey, Carmel????? what do you recommend)
    How long it can take this part? 4 days?
    Day 19 : Stay in LA for 4 nights
    Day 22: Go to San Diego (stay two nights)
    Day 24: Head to Las vegas in two days Is it possible (which road do you recommend?

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    Default Need a map

    At this time you need to get a good map of the area, or for the time being use a mapping program such as google maps. Vegas to GC and Mather campground are fine, but then head to Monument valley before Bryce and Zion, it is not near to Death valley. So, 1 night in MV [I think Gouldings lodge has an RV park but just google to see] and then to Bryce. I wouldn't spend 2 nights at Rubys Inn and plan to visit Zion from there, as you will be back and forth, spend the second night at the Watchman campground. You then head down I 15 back to Vegas and into Death valley, Stovepipe Wells is one option for an overnight stop. If you head North towards Lee vining and into Yosemite on CA120, that road is the Tioga pass.

    I would do a little search to find places to stay along the coast Rd as there are many options but none that I have stayed at, 12 days is plenty of time for SF, LA and the time to travel in between, to be honest I would consider adding another night at the Watchman in Zion and having 2 nights there.

    It is comfortable to get from SD back to Vegas in 2 days and would give you the opportunity to go through Joshua tree NP and the Mojave National preserve.

    Google maps wouldn't save the whole map but this will get you started. [Use the tools to zoom in and out and left to right] This is purely a guide as no route is set in stone.

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