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    Hi All,

    First time poster here!

    My fiancee and myself are getting married in the nyc may next year.
    We are flying into LA from Oz and are having the buck's/hen's night in Vegas before flying on to nyc

    There's going to be a few of us - at least 12 - and I'd like to drive from LAX straight to Vegas and make it a fun road trip!

    So any suggestions relating to mode of transport (i.e hire a mini-van / multiple cars / bus)??
    Approx costs would be great!!

    We fly into LAX at 08:00 and want to take the quickest route possible so hopefully we'll be there by 14:00??

    I'm sure I'll come up with more questions based on your answers but I thought driving would be more fun than catching another plane!

    Thanks and I look forward to your answers.


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    Default Not in 6 hours.

    Congratulations, Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    Sorry but you don't have a chance of getting you all cleared through customs, picking up a rental, driving through the urban sprawl of LA and getting to Vegas, all in 6 hours. You will be tired from your flights and your body clocks will be out of whack so I am not sure it will be fun for all involved to drive the same day and an internal flight might be the better bet.

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    Default too much too soon

    I'm in agreement with Dave that you're being very optimistic about your ability to get off a plane and then make a drive to Vegas in just 6 hours, and more importantly, trying to do that much driving immediately after a long trans-pacific flight really isn't a good idea even with more time.

    If you do want to make the trip via the highway, I'd look into the cost of getting a charter bus. That way you wouldn't have to worry about driving, and with that many people, you'd have to rent at least 3 car/mini-vans anyway. Another more fun option might be to rent a large limo, however, if you've got 12 people there could be a problem with luggage space.

    How long are you planning to spend in Vegas? After 24 hours of traveling, I can't imagine that everyone will really be up for immediately starting to party as soon as you arrive in Vegas.

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