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    Really happy to have found this site - it's fantastic!

    My friend and I are planning a road trip for this September in California but are a bit worried about car rental.

    I am 25 and have had my UK license for 3 years, so no problems there. My friend is 25 as well but has only just passed his test and so will have had it for only about a month when we embark on our our trip. Is this going to be a problem if we want to share driving on a rental car?

    Have checked a few rental websites and some companies want renters to have held their licence for a 12 month minimum (Dollar, Alamo) whereas other seems more ambiguous (Avis, Thrifty). Does anyone know for sure who we would be able to rent from? Any help greatly appreciated!


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    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    Really happy to have found this site - it's fantastic!
    Glad you are enjoying it !

    Yes, I have noticed some [if not all] companies want a minimum of a years driving experience, and I think some will rent, but possibly with a surcharge like that of a "young drivers fee." Your only real course of action to get the correct and most up to date info, is to contact the company's and get there response on the matter, and if you do it by phone and get the answer you are looking for, make sure you get a written confirmation of what they have told you.

    Worst case scenario is you will be a solo driver, good luck.

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    Great, thank you so much from the speedy response. I'll let you know if I find anything. And if anyone else has any tips on which companies might be best, any suggestions will be gladly received! I'm guessing smaller ones might be better...

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    Smaller companies may not allow you to leave the state with the car, they are in business primarily to offer local rentals.

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