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  1. Default 3 Week Roadtrip through Middle of U.S.- Help and Suggestions!

    My boyfriend and I have decided to embark on a three week roadtrip. We have places we definitely would like to go and a general idea of the loop we are going to make, but could really use some advice on places to go and things to see. Any route suggestions would absolutely be appreciated. Any hole in the wall small towns, site seeing etc. Here is the general idea of our plan:

    1. Start in Germantown Maryland (its about an hour outside D.C.).
    2. Head west to Chicago, IL.
    3. Head west to St. Louis, MO
    4. Head West to Denver, CO
    5. Continue to Glenwood Springs, CO
    6. Durango, CO
    5. Head Southeast to Oklahoma City, OK
    6. East to Memphis, TN
    7. East to Nashville, TN
    8. East to Charlotte, NC
    9. North ending back up in Germantown

    We would like to spend a good amount of time in Colorado, and wouldn't mind traveling some within the state, we just aren't sure where to go exactly. We would also love some filler for the time between St. Louis and Denver, and Colorado and Oklahoma City. We are both from the east coast and not particularly familiar with the middle of the U.S!
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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Any RoadTrip route can be altered or added to, whether or not my suggestions are improvements is up to the two of you to decide. There are a couple of scenic byways that scream out to be added: the Blue Ridge Parkway and the Talimena Scenic Drive, as well as (perhaps) portions of the old National Road. Between Denver and St. Louis, you might want to look at going north from Kansas City and across Nebraska on US-30 which both parallels I-80 and follows the old Oregon Trail. For other random ideas have a look at these lists.


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    Default Colorado has much to offer.

    We would like to spend a good amount of time in Colorado, and wouldn't mind traveling some within the state, we just aren't sure where to go exactly.
    Rather than listing some of the attractions Colorado has to offer, I will just point you in the direction of this thread, which will give you a "taster" of the many options in Colorado, and it might even make you consider heading just a little further into Utah as well, but as alway's time is a consideration not to be ignored, and you will have to pick and Choose to your tastes.

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    When you are in Chicago, IL make sure you go eat at Ed Debevic's (! It is a great fun experience. The idea of the restaurant is a 50's diner where the waiters are rude, they dance on the counters, and interact with you while you eat. It sounds strange but it is so much fun! Just don't take anything thing they say to heart!!

    Also, if you have time to go to Montana, there is a ghost town that is super cool to visit, called Elkhorn. Look it up on Google and you'll find info on it.

    Good luck and have fun!

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