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  1. Default Help needed for coast to coast road trip.

    Me and my mates, all 21 from the UK are planning to travel from coast to coast, NY to SF, August next year and was hoping to find answers for things we are unsure about.

    Is it possible to travel this far in 3 weeks?

    What is the best form of transport? We were originally planning to hire an small RV but are unsure how this would work out when wanting to visit big cities however we were thinking a car would be better suited?

    Are 21 year old UK residents allowed to hire and drive an RV or car in the USA without the need for a 25 year old being present? What other documents do we need to hire one if allowed? What things to they check for?

    We are planning to visit...Niagara falls, washington dc, marlboro and jack daniels factories, visit to alabama, memphis then along to las vegas, monument valley, grand canyon, LA and then SF. Any help on ideas for stops/things to see and do along this sort of route would be very helpful? We would also like to visit shooting ranges, cowboy ranches to take part in some activities, visit more national parks, festivals and general nightlife for 21 year olds in the best cities to go out in.

    We are hoping that money isn't a problem when we go next year so any suggestions would be great.

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    Default How many going ?

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    An RV is not going to be the budget friendly choice, [unless there are 5 or 6 of you going] and is not ideal around City's. Unless you really want to "camp," a car and a Motel room [If there is 4 or less of you, and happy to share a room] will work out a lot cheaper, buying some basic camping gear is also a possibility.

    You can rent OK aged 21, but there will be a daily surcharge for each person wanting to drive under 25, and you will have a one way drop fee to add to that as well.

    You can drive across the country in under a week, so Yes, 3 weeks is long enough and to do some exploring, but with so many options available you will have to pick and choose where and how you spend your time carefully. Have a look around the forums and Roadtrip pages above and you will find thousands of ideas.

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