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    Default Wyoming, Utah, Colorado tour

    Being newly retired teachers, this will be our first chance to travel in the fall. We will be leaving on Sept 23. The trip includes the Black Hills, Yellowstone, South Eastern Utah, and Colorado. We have spent much of the summer planning this trip but our biggest question now becomes "How do we pack?" There are four of us in an SUV so we are limited to one suitcase and a carry-on each. How cold can we expect in Yellowstone in late September?

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    Default RoadTrip fashion statements?

    Hello onthemove,

    Congrats on your retirement and thanks for your service to our younger generations. Best of luck on your upcoming trip.

    Bearing in mind only Interstate travel route in the region, you're looking at elevations as low as Indiana and in excess of 10,000' in Colorado. You should plan for sub-freezing temps at any point in the Black Hills, Yellowstone, and Colorado. There is every chance of seeing some snow, too.

    Clearly packing light is required. I favor layering with quick-dry trousers and some sort of light thermal long-sleeved undershirt. I'll keep a collared wind breaking shirt over top and a light jacket handy. I see no reason to carry a full 7 to 10-day wardrobe as there are plenty of opportunities to run a quick load of laundry most anywhere you'll go. Unless hotel + dining out plans dictate otherwise, I'd just keep it to a couple pair of trousers (at least one of which would have zip-off legs), one thermal long-john underwear bottoms, one pair of cargo shorts, three cotton t-shirts, couple of long-sleeve thermal under-armor type shirts, one quality fleece pullover/anorak, a long-sleeve collared shirt, and a quality rainproof shell jacket with hood. I'd carry at least two pair of quality thermal socks, 2 pair of regular socks, a pair of light hiking boots, and a pair of running shoes. I like to have a pair of flip-flops or slip-on Topsiders for around camp or motel rooms. Reckon I'd bring a pair of gloves and a fleece or wool toboggan hat, too, for good measure.

    You can increase the SUV's luggage capacity without seriously degrading its aerodynamics by adding a hitch-haul rack on the trailer hitch. They're fairly inexpensive and make a convenient carrying place for a cooler and/or weatherproof duffelbags. Car-top carriers are, of course, another option, but the hard-sided ones are fairly expensive and they can have the effect of fouling up your aerodynamics (read: fuel consumption) and even your vehicle's handling in the high-wind West. I've got a hitch-hauler I can attach to my 2010 Chev Equinox's 1.25" reciever hitch, and it just so happens I've got a large plastic pickup truck tool box which fits into it perfectly. The result is I've got a hard-sided, lockable cargo container and it's even far enough back, and short enough, that the Nox's hatchback opens freely.

    Have fun planning and taking your RoadTrip! Hopefully it'll be the first of many.


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