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    I wasn't sure if there is a similar thread like this but would love some advise regarding a road trip that me and my mates are planning for Decemeber 2011.

    We are from Australia/New Zealand so we know very little about America/Canada. But we did a little research and came up with the following tentative plan. Its probably not the best but its a start I guess.

    We are planning to do a 30 day road trip (and some flying) from Los Angeles to New York through the northern States and Canada.

    Land in LAX from Australia.

    From LAX drive up the West Coast (Route 101) to Seattle, Washington. This should take us 5 or so days if we do it slowly (unsure really as we don't know whats there to see or anything). And then maybe a day trip to Vancouver.

    From Washington Fly to Denver, Colorado. Hire a car there and drive to salt lake city up into Yellowstone park and then into Wyoming > South Dakota > North Dakota and into Minneapolis, Minnesota. Maybe 10-12 days?

    Fly to Chicago from Minneapolis. From Chicago we hire another car. This is our last road trip. Chicago > Grand Rapids > Detroit > Canada (Hamilton > Toronto > Ottawa > Montreal) > Vermont > Mass. > New York. 10 days maybe??

    Budget wise, there will be 4 of us and we are looking at maybe 6-8K USD each. Probably too much or too little?? but this includes air fares and everything. We are used to road tripping here so we have an idea of what to expect but we don't have much experience driving on icy roads (which is what I presume is going to be in December).

    So any advise??? If you could point me in a direction, it would be much appreciated.

    Sid K

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    A couple things. Your plan to stop and go with flights is going to dramatically increase your costs. Not only are each of you going to be shelling out hundreds of dollars each for each flight segment, you're going to add thousands of dollars to your car rental costs since you'll be adding hundreds of dollars in one way drop fees each time you leave a car in a new city.

    Not to mention, some of your flight segments are rather illogical. You're flying all the way from Seattle to Denver, just so you can drive back west and end up closer to Seattle? I will also note that Yellowstone is pretty much closed to traffic in winter, unless you've got a snowmobile. Flying from Minneapolis to Chicago, again, its something that can easily be done in less than a days drive, so you'll be radically increasing your costs, and once you factor in airport and flight time, you'll basically be saving no time.

    You really would be much better off just renting a car in LA, having it for a month, and dropping it off in LA. I don't know your personal thoughts on weather, but you might be better served spending more time in the southern half of the US, considering your time of travel so you can spend more time outdoors, and less time dealing with sub-freezing temperatures.

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    I'd advise you to plan a southern trip, then the next time you come over here, come in our summer and do a northern trip.

    Your budget is quite reasonable as long as you don't have to take internal flights and use a single car rental for the whole period. If you are under 25, your rental costs will be significantly higher due to the young drivers surcharge.

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