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  1. Default Summer Road trip!

    Planning 2 week road trip from r.i. To houston, texas. (fear of flying). Hoping the drive will be a tolerable one. Aaa has us traveling on i-78 and along a long stretch of i-81 down thru knoxville tenn. How is the drive? Crazy traffic like thru ny/nj. I've heard its a nice ride. I just hope for a safe trip, coming and going! Any suggestions, opinions, input, etc. ?? Thanks so much, deb

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    I'd recommend you take best way from your home to Hartford, then take I-84 to Scranton to get on I-81. This will keep you away from the NYC metro insanity. Best way from there is I-75 in Knoxville, I-59 in Chattanooga, I-12 in Slidell, then I-10 in Baton Rouge. I would break this up into a 4 day drive.

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    I followed the I-84 and I-81 route to Knoxville last October. It was a very easy drive, and traffic was nothing like through NY/NJ.

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    Thanks so much! After reading some "horror stories" about crazy tractor trailers and adreneline rush traffic on i-81, i was starting to wondering if driving was such a great idea!! You've made me feel a little easier about the drive :)

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    I'll deal with I-81 over I-95 in a heartbeat.

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    I agree with glc. I-81 is a breeze compared to I-95. You're going to get some crazy stuff on all of the interstates, but I-81 is very pleasant compared to I-95.

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    Thank you for all of your assurance and support! We're hoping to share driving, and possibly do 2 12-15 hour days (more time we get to spend with our grandson in TX. ) but if it takes a little longer, oh well ! We're hoping that by traveling early a.m on Saturday, and continuing on early a.m. Sunday, traffic and any construction projects may not be too bad. I reall don't think construction work is done on weekends??
    Please feel free to give me any other thoughts or suggestions, as this is our first lengthy road trip, and all of you sound like old pro's!!!
    Sincerely, Deb

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    Default please don't try that

    I'm sorry, but you're looking at a trip that is 1800 miles - that is not a 2 day trip under any circumstances. Its also not physically possible to cover that ground in "just" 2 12-15 hour days, as the driving alone will take about 36 hours. (And yes, there is still frequently construction on weekends - in fact often times it can be worse because they've held off on doing projects in high impact areas during peak hours of the week)

    Trying to cover 900 miles a day, on back to back days, isn't safe at all, and while you might be afraid of flying, trying to drive that much in that little time would be about a million times more dangerous that flying.

    While I understand you want as much time with your Grandchildren, make sure getting their safe is your first priority. That means planning for a minimum of 3 days on the road, leaving yourself room to possibly take a fourth because even doing this in three days is on the very top end of what we can recommend as safe.

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    Default Not worth the risk !!

    Quote Originally Posted by bradeb View Post
    I just hope for a safe trip, coming and going! Any suggestions, opinions, input, etc. ?? Thanks so much, deb
    Don't just "hope" for a safe trip, please listen to what has been said and act accordingly, for your sake, your Grandchild's and the other people that you share the road with.

    Keep it safe !!

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    To go along with Buck, remember to add on the 25% to the time to cover the necessary stops. I don't know if you added that in or not.

    And to add to another one of his points, even if construction isn't active on the weekends, I've seen plenty of roads where lanes are shut down just because they are impassible at that stage of the construction.

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