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  1. Default The drive to Alaska - who has made it? Any advice?

    Hello fellow road trippers. I am not sure whether to post this in the summer, spring, winter, or fall section because I am not sure when is best to make the Alaska drive. All I know is that I would like to make it within the next year. I will be starting around Dallas, and my plan was to drive up through Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, then see the Dakotas (I have never seen Mount Rushmore and really want to), then go to Montana and cross into Canada through the international peace park. Then once in Canada I suppose there is not as much variation, I will just drive west until I get to the alcan and then head north for Alaska.

    Any suggestions? Do you have to have a 4 wheel drive to make the trip or can a regular car do it? How cold does it truly get, any comparisons to other places in the US or Canada? I mean I know I can always look it up on wikipedia or something but I'd rather hear first hand from somebody about what the conditions feel like.

    The other thing is I read that a lot of the highway going north is 2 lane, and so there is a lot of traffic because you will get stuck behind a camper or something. How bad is this? How much traffic is there really? How long does it usually last? I only ask because I am wondering does it make the drive annoying and boring or its not that bad or wat?

    Any other suggestions I would love to hear. I am excited about this trip it's something i've always wanted to do!


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    All your questions should be answered in The Milepost. Buy the most recent copy to plan your trip, and if you have any questions that aren't answered in it, please ask!

    The free online version is limited, but check it out.

    In a nutshell, a standard car is fine, and most people travel between May and September. It's only boring if you make it so.

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