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    Default What animal is this?

    No, it's not intended as a new thread - it's a genuine appeal for help. A couple of days ago we visited the White Sands Missile Range Museum and, as we were walking into the place, we happened upon a family of cats: a mom and three kittens. They walked across the road, one of the kittens climbed a tree and then they all walked back and retreated to the shade under a Scud missile launcher (or some such similar machine of war).

    I would have taken a better/clearer photo but, according to the security guard who let us in, we weren't really supposed to be taking photos in this area anyway.

    My question is simple enough: are they bobcats? Thanks!



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    Default Ponted ears

    I think they might Lynx instead of a bobcat -- but I'll go and look.

    Look at this face

    Very cute!


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    Adjust the color and you have a pretty good shot.

    The critters in the photo are Lynx Rufus, commonly called Bobcats.

    Lynx canadensis or the Canadian Lynx is native to much cooler climates.

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    I'd say bobcat too. They have smaller paws and less noticeable ear tufts than the lynx.

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