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    My first time on this forum! My husband and I have 4 days to drive from Zion National Park to Yosemite in late September and we're trying to avoid driving through Las Vegas! Can we go round it and avoid the traffic? What would be the best route to take and places to stay? We're booked into Wawona at Yosemite.

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    Default A few of many options.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    With 4 day's your options are wide and varied, and knowing where you have been prior to Zion would help to narrow things down a bit, as you could quite comfortably get to Lee Vining [near to Tioga pass entrance] in a day. Heading slightly North to Cedar City and UT 56 NV 319 towards Caliente and North on US 93 would take you past Cathedral gorge state park and near to Great basin NP, and from Ely take the "Loneliest Rd" [US 50] towards Lake Tahoe before heading South on 395 and CA120 into Yosemite.

    Through the "middle" you could continue to Caliente and US 93 to the E.T highway [NV 375] and up to US 6 to the old mining town of Tonopah, from there continue to Mono Lake /Lee vining or cut South to Beatty on 95 and across Death valley.

    I wouldn't rule out heading South on I15 past "Valley of fire" to Vegas and across Death valley by way of Pahrump, or if you haven't already been to Grand canyon South rim you could head through Page, visit the Canyon and then take I 40, drive through the Mojave NP to Baker and then into Death valley on 127 to Shosone or continue to Barstow and Bakersfield and up through Sequoia NP.

    The most important thing to remember which is a common theme around here, there is not a single "best route" so you will need to research a little, weigh up your options and decide what it is that appeals to you the most. When you have done so I am sure we can help to piece the puzzle together.

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    Default Vegas

    I will just mention that I've never found Vegas to be that bad of a city for traffic. Certainly, you're going to find some slowdowns at peak times of the day, but on my list of cities with bad traffic, Vegas really wouldn't be on my list. If that's your only reason for avoiding the city, you might reconsider your plans because there certainly is a lot to see and do there.

    That said, all of the suggestions Dave provided are good ones and you certainly don't have to visit Vegas, I just personally wouldn't dismiss it simply because of traffic.

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