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    I am relocating to Charlotte and will drive from Portland the last week of Sept. Instead of driving from OR-Boise ID-SLC UT-onto I80, I am going to add on some miles and go from SLC to Santa Fe, to Charlotte via I40. Anyone forsee any issues with this route? I will have a small dog and a 5yr old with me.

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    How do you plan to get from PDX to Santa Fe? Can I ask what your reason is for going that way?

    From a weather and road condition standpoint, September is a good month to go just about anywhere.

    The most efficient way from PDX to CLT is 2775 miles and is a full 5 day drive. I show the most efficient way via Santa Fe is 3000 miles and will add a 6th day.

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    I figured it would be better to add a day and have some stops that interest us instead of driving through KS/NE/MO. I havent looked at alternate routes to Santa Fe, but here is what Google maps has:,56.99707&z=5

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    Default Any Route Will Do

    Without disparaging Kansas, Nebraska or Missouri - I've had great times in all three states - there is nothing wrong with going by another route if that's what you want and if you've got the time. Your drive as you've laid it out will take about six days of steady driving while leaving a few hours each day for breaks and sightseeing. There are good places to stop all along the Interstate, where you can exercise both your child and your dog. Paper maps are also good for finding scenic roads and smaller state parks. You will be passing by a couple of top notch national parks as well: Arches in east central Utah and Mesa Verde in southwestern Colorado, both are absolutely worth seeing, but each will take about 3-4 hours to do any justice to. Unfortunately, your child is just a bit too young for the Junior Ranger program (which I think starts at six) and there will be restrictions on where you can take the dog, so check out the park websites before you hit the road.


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