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  1. Default Vegas - Death Valley - Mammoth Lakes/Bishop - Yosemite - San Fran 3-4 days


    Heading out to the west coast during the first few weeks in September and planning on fitting quite a lot in. Hoping someone can pass on advice for driving between vegas and san fran and as to whether the following sounds reasonable....

    day 1 - leave vegas, drive through death valley and onto mammoth lakes/bishop to spend the night (any ideas of a good route/how long this would take/where to sleep would be appreciated!)

    day 2 - leave mammoth lakes/bishop, drive to yosemite, spend the day there (again any tips on which entrance to the park and places to stay nearby would be great)

    day 3 - possibly yosemite again (im sure there'll be plenty more to see than just in one day), leave late afternoon, drive to san fran arriving late evening

    Look forward to hearing from anyone about this! Thanks!


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    Also meant to add it's 3 girls doing the trip and none of us are feeling overly confident about desert driving. Having read a lot of the posts on similar trips it seemed that the best scenic routes are the toughest road conditions. Would this be the case? Can anyone recommend an interesting route with least risk of any disasters? Thanks again!

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    Default Fine and dandy !

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    The route you describe is very popular and all on paved roads with no disasters waiting to happen ! Yes a lot of the time you will be driving on two lane highways and mountainous and twisty in parts, but thousands upon thousands manage them safely each year.

    Staying in Bishop is just fine and from there you have only one entrance into the park, along the Tioga pass [CA 120]. From Vegas you cab head to Pahrump on 160 and then take the Ash meadows/State line Rd to Death valley junction and 190/136 across the valley before heading North from Lone Pine on 395.

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    I have planned for the same route and time frame in my trip in early Sep but am wondering if it is do-able. My main concerning is getting from Vegas to Bishop and having enough time to enjoy the scenery of death valley?
    I was planning to take the route suggested by Southwest Dave.
    Good luck girls!

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    Las Vegas to Bishop via Pahrump and Death Valley is at least a 6 hour drive just driving straight through DV with no stops or detours off the main road, taking the "locals route" as already described. It's almost 300 miles.

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