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  1. Default Seattle to Boston, what is the shortest way?

    Hey guys,

    I was planing to spend 10 days in a trip from Seattle to Boston, things took another way! I have to get to Boston in the shortest period of time. and I have some questions:

    - How many hours can we drive before stop to sleep? of course will stop to eat,gas etc.

    - which road I should take, cities to get a motel for sleeping?

    You suggestions are really appreciated.

    Travel date: 19th of Aug, early morning.


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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    A good rule of thumb is that 600 miles is about the limit of what you should try to do per day for a multi-day trip. That works out to about 10-12 hours a day on the road. That is basically the limit that professional truck drivers are held to, and if you start pushing beyond that, you really start to push beyond the time your body can maintain at an alertness level needed for safe travel.

    That means in this case, you're looking at a solid 5 days on the road. There are a few variations, but I'd take I-90 to I-29/I-680 to I-80, which rejoins I-90 past Chicago. That's basically the shortest freeway route, and mostly avoids Chicago.

    I'd be looking to stop in Bozeman MT; Murdo SD; Davenport IA; and Erie PA. Many of those days are actually closer to 650 miles, and that really is the very upper limit of what could be called safe. If you need to make the trip any faster than this, you really should be looking at plane tickets.

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