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  1. Default 3 Day weekend Road Trip FROM Chicago?? Any Ideas where?

    My boyfriend and I want to go somewhere out of state for the labor day weekend, we could possibly make it a 5 day but only if necessary.

    Ideas so far:
    Fontana, CA - friend lives there, but not sure if it would be enough time to drive.
    New York City - make a stop at niagara falls too

    We would like something that has nightlife, food, culture...for cheap!!!

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    Sorry, but you don't have time to go to NYC and back, much less California! You need to get out a map and draw a 500 mile radius circle around Chicago, that's all you have time for in 3 days. That's 1 day each way and 1 day at your destination. Niagara Falls is JUST doable. If you make it 5 days you can do NYC easily, but it would take 8 days just to drive to CA and back with NO time there.

    NYC has food, nightlife, and culture, but it's FAR from cheap. Think downtown Chicago then double the price.

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    Default way too far

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Sorry, but both of your ideas are way way too far for a 3 day trip. Fontana is a 4 day drive, each way!

    New York could potentially be done in 5 days, but you'd be spending 3 days driving (a day and a half each way) and that's before you think about a detour to Niagara Falls. New York is also about the most expensive city in the US, so it probably isn't an ideal choice when your goal is cheap.

    If you're looking for cities, then I think I'd be looking at Nashville, Memphis, and St. Louis as all being within reach for a long weekend with the things you've described.

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    You don't want to be in the car your entire trip, if you want value from your money, you need to relax and spend time outside of the car too. Otherwise what's the point? I would recommend Galena, Illinois. It's 3 hours from Chicago, has great scenery, it's a historic town, shops, great food, very close to Iowa and Wisconsin, and has some great places to stay. I would recommend the Country Inn & Suites, which is a newer place about 2 miles from downtown Galena. It has an indoor waterpark, so you won't need to worry about bad weather ruining your plans, you can always swim! And a great free breakfast too. It's just down the street from a Super Walmart, next to a Culver's, and across from a Subway. So you can eat cheap too, which is how you can really save money on your trip. Even the drive getting to Galena is scenic.

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