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  1. Default Any tips/advice on going from KC to Napa, CA??

    So we're leaving in a few weeks for a trip out west, leaving from Kansas City. We only have 3-4 days to get to the Napa area in California, so it'll be some miles no matter how you go!! So far, the plan is I-70 west from KC to Denver, then up to Steamboat Springs, then 40 West to Salt Lake City, then either 80 or 50 through Reno, then to Napa!! I was trying to add a little scenery on the way, but with the tight schedule, would we be better just staying on 70 all the way to Utah, then cut up? Also will be staying in hotels at night, so any thoughts there would be great too!! Thanks!!!

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    The difference between having 3 or 4 days for this trip is rather significant.

    With 3 days, you're basically at the minimum amount of time needed to make the trip safely, and you'll already be looking at 10-12 hour days on the road and that's if you stick to the interstate. Your best bet would really be to go up to Nebraska and take I-80 all the way across, however, you probably could take I-70 all the way to its terminus in Utah, and then take US-50 across. You really don't have time to take US-40 unless you've got that 4th day.

    I-70's scenery is quite spectacular in its own right, and with 4 days, I'd till likely still take I-70 to US-50, I'd just just the extra time to enjoy the mountains, make a detour to Arches NP, and perhaps spend a little time around Lake Tahoe or at Great Basin NP too.

    US-40 is still a reasonable option, and if you go that route, you might as well spend a little time in Rocky Mountain National Park.

    A 3rd option would be to get off I-70 at Limon, and cut over to Colorado Springs and take US-50 across. Pikes Peak, Garden of the Gods, and Black Canyon of the Gunnison are among the things you could see going this route.

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    Thanks, this is a great site!! So much fun!! Yeah, I guess we are really trying to make it by Saturday night, but I think we need to stretch it out until Sunday. We don't have a time we absolutely "must" be there by, more of just a "want to" time. I like the idea of taking 70 all the way to 50, with a sight seeing detour here and there maybe. That would make it nice and straight, less likely to run into problems. And we talked about I-80, it just seemed like it would be kinda out of the way with not the greatest of scenery? It would be nice to have more time and really see the country, we just don't have it this time.

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    US-50 across Nevada is scenic in its own way - it's miles after miles of nothing! There's a reason it's called the "Loneliest Road". Open road speed limit in NV is 70 so you would make very good time.

    However, if you do go that way, Ely is a neat town. Dinner at the Jailhouse is highly recommended and there's very reasonable places to spend a night.

    If you do this in 4 days, you can drive from Ely to Napa in one long day. You have about half a day to play with between Denver and Ely for sightseeing, that is about a day and a half drive with no detours. KC to Denver can be done in a day.
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    Cool, thanks!!

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    Okay, so we decided on I-80 all the way across, any sights that are a must see on this route??

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