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  1. Default Calgary, AB to Langley, BC - easiest route?

    Hi there,

    At the beginning of September I'll be doing a drive from Calgary to Langley, BC. I've done the drive many many times, but I've always gone the typical: Calgary - Banff - Kelowna or Kamloops - Hope - Langley route.

    I will be hauling a heavy horse trailer, and was wondering if the route via Cranbrook along the US border is better or worse. By which I mean, less steep grades, less turns and curves, etc.

    With a horse trailer I'm taking turns very slowly (usually 10km below cautionary posted signs) so the more turns the slower the trip. I think Google Maps said it was an extra 4 hours to go this way, but with the construction and ridiculously slow speed limits going through Banff, I've spent a good 2+ hours even getting through the Banff area before. So if the Cranbrook / Creston / Grand Forks / Princeton / Manning Park / Hope route is a straighter shot, I'd be interested in trying that.

    Any thoughts or experiences?

    Note: I cannot enter the US with the horses, so while Google Maps seems to think that going all the way down in Montana and then back up through Seattle is a good idea, I cannot take any border crossing routes!


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    I have no first hand knowledge, but looking at it on a map doesn't look any better to me. I think it would be prudent to stick with the Trans-Canada. Perhaps you could install Google Earth and look carefully at all the roads, paying attention to the elevations.

    Another route that's way out of the way, but may be an easier drive, might be through Edmonton and Jasper.

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    Default T-C vs. Crows Nest

    Having driven substantial portions of both the Trans Canada (AB/BC-1) and the Crows Nest (AB/BC-3) Highways across the Rockies, I'd have to say that the Trans Canada is by far the better road for your purposes. It is, after all, the major Canadian transcontinental highway and is built to standards for truck and towed vehicle traffic that are simply much better - larger radius curves and climbing lanes being the most obvious differences.


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    Okay thanks guys! I will stick to the Trans Canada. I've never had a problem with that route, but we killed our winter tires (and mileage LOL) towing a trailer with 3 horses a few months back, so I was thinking that if there was something a little flatter then it'd make things simpler, but looks like Hwy 1 is the best bet after all. Not running winter tires right now, so that'll probably help things a lot too.

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