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  1. Default New England-East Coast Road Trip-Need Help!!

    I am planning a road trip for next summer (2011) for the New England States/East Coast for me, my husband and near 7 year old boy. These are the states I want to include (if possible): Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Conneticut, New York, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia. I am thinking I either need to start in Vermont or Maine. Please list anything that are great sightseeing or attractions to do in each of these states. I would like to see some Lighthouses along the way. I know New York, I will stay in New York City. Maine maybe Portland. Boston, MA. And I know I want to end up at Virginia Beach, VA. The other states are kind of lost to me right now. Any suggestions or advice would be extremely helpful. Thanks in advance.

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    Almost every area you're looking at has been covered in some detail somewhere on these forums. First, there are A to Z lists for every state and province, then there are compilations of previous discussions for areas such as New England. Great little RoadTrips abound throughout the country and many of them are described here. One trip that would be of particular interest to you goes down the Atlantic shore of Delaware.


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