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  1. Default SF to Phoenix Roadtrip - tips / routes would be most appreciated

    5 of us (a mix of Europeans - Irish et Brit and a few others ....) are arriving in SF arriving on 10th Sept. We have hired a motorhome (Vehicle: Cruise America C30 Large RV c.30 feet) and our plan is to travel as far as Santa Barbara.

    My first question – is it viable to take that vehicle on Highway 1? None of us are used to driving on the RHS of the road and we are heading South!

    Secondly – Our trip outline roughly takes in Santa Cruz (should we go via the principal road or the main highway through San Mateo / Redwood City etc) via Boulder Creek etc.?

    From Santa Cruz to to Monterey, Carmel, Big Sur, San Simeon, Morro Bay, San Luis Obispo (is she worth a look) or should we head direct to Santa Barbara via Lompoc?

    Travel friends have recommended that we take in Santa Barbara which we would like to do – we are now trying to figure out how we get to Vegas via Death Valley. We are avid backpackers (all have done South America, India and Asia BUT the US is new to us AND vast!!) ;o)

    Does anyone know if we could get from Santa Barbara to Bakersfield and from there? 160 Panrump and 190 Death Valley are mentioned in other blogs (any chance someone could recommend a scenic route)?

    We plan to stay in Vegas two days - Could anyone recommend a camp site near the city (pref with some scenery)?

    We then want to head to the Grand Canyon – here is where its all becoming rather confusing – should we stay on the North Rim? We want to get to Flagstaff and end our trip in Phoenix (we travel out of Phoenix back to London on the 25th).

    Any tips and advice that anyone could send would be enormously appreciated.
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    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    Route 1 is a slow going twisty Rd at the best of times and although it is viable in an RV, could be challenging for your first drive in one. There will be pull outs, so if you have cars being held up behind, pull over and let them through, it saves them getting frustrated and you stressed, besides you can admire the Ocean views ! The RV's are pretty huge and carry quite a bit of width behind the cab section. If you take the coastal route you will need at least a one night stop on the way to SB.

    From Santa Barbara head towards I 5 from Ventura to Santa Clara and then CA 14 through Palmdale to 395 and 190 at Olancha into Death valley. It is when you crossed Death valley on 190 to Death valley junction that you can take Ash meadows/State line Rd to Pahrump and onto Vegas on 160.

    You are not going to get an "outdoors" feel if you camp in Vegas but the Oasis RV resort has pools, bar, gym etc and is pretty cool, and has a free shuttle bus to the strip.

    The South rim is nearest to Flagstaff and Phoenix and has more amenities and I would try and get a spot at Mather campground near to the rim and village area, but it could be booked up already.

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