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    Hello fellow road trippers. This is just a thought that came to mind. For those of us born and raised in the US, we know there are a lot of opportunities for road tripping here. But I think a lot of people fail to think of our beautiful neighbors to the north, Canada! Canada is a truly beautiful land. It has so much to offer. British Columbia is breath taking for example. Nova Scotia is just marvelous. I will never forget my moments driving trans canada 1 through B.C. (at least that's what I remember the highway saying, I'm not so sure on highway systems there so maybe that's not specific enough). But anyway once I got out of Vancouver it was just amazing. Amazing view, good drivers, relaxing little radio stations and little towns dotted here and there. A place to roll the windows down and just hang your arm out the window while you drive.

    There are so many destinations in Canada and I just want to encourage Americans to check them out. The good thing for Americans who don't want super long trips is that most of Canadian destinations lie fairly close to the Canada/American border so it's like once you cross in the border you are pretty close to the major attractions (unless you're going somewhere like NS, NF, PEI, etc).

    So people, grab your passports and check out Canada! This wonderful land is waiting for you! And you will find a friendliness in the people unparalleled in the states also! :D Enjoy your travels everyone!

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    I agree that there are a lot of very nice things to be seen in Canada, and I've always enjoyed my travels there. Plus, Canadians serve gravy with their french fries, and you just can't beat that!

    The one downside is that it is extremely expensive to travel there as an American right now. Gas is always going to cost more, but with the $1=$1 exchange rate, pretty much every purchase is going to cost at least 20-30% more than it would in the states. I spent a night camping in an Ontario Prov. Park earlier this summer, and while it was a great park (Ont. Parks may be the best state parks type system on the continent) it cost me more than $40 for a night of tent camping, by far the most I've ever spent to rent a small piece of grass for a night.

    Of course, to a degree I'm spoiled because I got used to taking trips there 10 years ago when the exchange rate was just the opposite making Canada a huge bargain.

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    hey MIchael you make a very good point about the expensive. Right now I think its like Canadian 1 dollar = .95 American dollar or something. Gas is theh worst part. The cheapest I saw gas was in New Brunswick at .98/liter which honestly I don't know what that works out to lol me being raised with the stupid american system. I think thats somewhere around 3 1/2 dollars a gallon. Although I was just in California and that was the price there.

    I think a couple of cheaper provinces are New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. I found food and every thing way cheaper there than what I am used to. I depend on truck stops when I travel and for expensive in the states sometimes a shower at a truck stop costs $10 bucks (pretty typical), in NS it was $2.50 canadian!! I wanted to die in shock and then they just gave it free as well because Canadians are cool like that hehe :D The only thing more expensive was gas but everything else was far more reasonably priced to my shock, because I had the opposite experience in B.C. where I found every far more expensive!

    I'm glad you brought up the cost factor because it really is a huge issue! Ya $40 a night for camping daaaaamn!!! that would make me crazy lol

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