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    Hi Guys,
    I just thought I would post a thread giving our experiences in Summer/Autumn 2010 for renting a car.

    We will be driving from New York to Los Angeles in just under 5 weeks.

    Our first thought were to purchase a car and then sell this upon arrival in Loa Angeles. However, depreciation in value for the mileage and the cross coast devaluing factor, alongside issues such as insurance, registartion and taxes, made this option unacheivable. It seems that this would only be a decent prospect for those looking to travel above and beyond 3 months.

    We thus turned to renting.
    Three of us in the group were thinking of hiring a minivan. This proves to be very costly and 5 weeks would be well above £2000 ($3120 date08/10). A 7 seater was the next option (with a vue to sleeping in the car if needs be) but teh space in these 7 seaters would look to accomodate 2 at best. We thus turned to an SUV or a Saloon (Sedan). An SUV will typically cost £300 ($460) or so more with the likes of the Nissan Xtrail and Saturn Vue on offer.

    For ourselves, we opted for the Pontiac G5. We managed to hire this from which seemed to quote by far the best prices on the net. We paid £900 for 32 days hire (later upgrading to the Seabring for free).

    Carhire3000's price includes liability insurance up to £4m fully inclusive with no excess to pay no matter what (stressed on the phone). This also includes a full tank of petrol and 2 additional drivers (over 25) alongside insurance for each driver. the drawback from ordering online is that you can't really haggle. We managed to get £20 more off the internet quote but we didn't have much of a position to barter from.

    Travel firms such as Avis, Hertz and Enterprise all appear to offer okay deals for such trips, but looking into additional fees for dropping off at a separate location to pick-up and penalties for excess mileage render these unattractive.

    It is noteworthy, when attaining a quote, that there is usually a one-way drop off penalty of $500 with rental firms. However, if you book at airports such as JFK , NEwark, LAX as we have, this reduces to $250. Well worth acoach trip to the airport to save this amount.

    We are due to leave on arrive in New York on the 26th and will leave for Los Angeles on the 28th. I will post pictures and a report in other forums to give a glimpse into th trip.

    I hope this thread helps, it is a pretty accurate account of what the best prices for renting are currently for UK residents.


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    Default Thanks.

    Hi Liam,

    Thanks for sharing some of your findings with us, I am sure it will be of use to other members who are looking for such deals. As you rightly point out, this is the current situation and it is always worth checking around for up to date/last minute deals to compare for best prices available at the time of travel.

    Have a great trip and I look forward to your pictures and reports.


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    Great info and good background information for anyone looking to make a similar trip.

    Of course, it is always worth noting in these cases that car rental prices can change frequently and rather dramatically. Even minor changes, like picking up in town vs. the airport, or in New York vs. New Jersey can make a huge difference in prices.

    It also always make sense to also get everything in writing, and check the fine print so you don't end up with any unexpected surprises when you arrive at the rental desk. I find that's especially true when you are booking with a 3rd party. carhire3000 is a pretty big name, so its relatively unlikely you'd have any problems with them, but a little extra protection never hurts.

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    I have made a booking with from Vegas - Florida with no one way fee. I had been searching many companies and was about to book with National who have a lower one way fee than most others when I came across it.

    After I'd made the booking I emailed to check and indeed there is no one way fee. Not sure if it is only for certain airports etc, but well worth a look to see.

    Ps. The car rental company is Alamo who normally have a $500 fee.

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    Default Really, really read the fine print

    Argus is not a rental car company -- although they do provide booking services. They are brokers and so you really don't know who you'll be renting the car through. This might be a perfect solution for you, but you really need to read ALL of the fine print.


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    Sorry I should have mentioned that. Lots of the brokers just do not mention the one way fee, others do but don't list how much it is. I read and re read the small print and even emailed Argus after the confirmation came through and have it in writing from them that there will be no one way drop fee.

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    Thankfully a good report from carhire3000. Thats who we went with. Our price seems near on the same for our trip. Pick up from lax and drop off in newark so as to avoid the city itself

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