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  1. Default Planning a road trip from Hosuton, TX - Atlanta, CA


    A few of us have decided to hit the road, and head to Atlanta, GA during the Labor Day weekend. Since we will be spending some time on the road, I thought we make the best use of it. As of now the planned route is the one suggested by Google maps (i.e. - Houston>Baton Rouge>Mobile>Montgomery>Atlanta). We are hoping to try new cuisines, enjoy some scenic drive (we are not sure about this), and hoping the photo enthusiasts get an opportunity to capture some great snaps. Has anyone in this group driven between Houston and Atlanta? I would appreciate any recommendations on the route and any other advice to make our trip memorable. Most people I have spoke to so far thinks that this probably is the worst possible route to enjoy a road trip.

    Many thanks !

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    Considering it's a day and a half each way from Houston to Atlanta (over 800 miles) I don't know how much sightseeing you are going to have time for if this is just a long weekend trip. How many days do you actually have to make this trip?

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    Well we have no time to make a major detour. At this time we have 5 days, and we would be interested to know if there are any interesting spots where can stop for our breaks/sightseeing and possibly capture some good photographs.

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