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  1. Default Going from Central florida to Santa Cruz, CA.

    I'll be driving to santa cruz and then to SF from Florida. Whats the easiest possible way to get there without hitting immigration checkpoints in tx, nm, and az. I heard they can be a hassle sometimes especially cause I'm a surfer. I would like to surf in southern california if theres swell but it's no big deal. Also, I don't have A/C in my car so keep that in mind. I know its hot everywhere right now almost but it could help driving north a little. please I really could use the help. thanks.
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    The most direct route avoiding the border area is:

    I-10 to Mobile
    US-98 to Hattiesburg
    US-49 to Jackson
    I-20 to Dallas
    US-287 to Amarillo
    I-40 to Barstow
    CA-58 to Bakersfield
    CA-46 to US-101 to Salinas
    CA-1 to Santa Cruz

    Note - there is a checkpoint on I-40 in CA, but it's not Border Patrol, it's state agriculture.

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    seriously, if I leave in a week I'll be alright if I go that route. I'm just worried about getting searched and one of them finding a tiny bit of herb on me, but by the time I get to the CA border it'll all be gone. Also, i'm not irresponsible I do stop to take smoke breaks. Thank you, I really appreciate it.

  4. Default Best time to travel to CA from FL

    I'll be taking the route to amarillo texas than i-40 to california. If I have to drive through a weekend when is the best possible time to go.
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    Default what difference does it make?

    I'm sorry, but this is a trip that's going to take at least a minimum of 5 days to do safely, not something you "drive through a weekend."

    Since 5 days would very much be a speed run, I really don't know why it would matter when you travel.

    I'll also say that since you're planning to "take smoke breaks" and you need multiple hours for that to work out of your system, you're going to need a few more additional days to make this trip in a responsible manner where you aren't endangering other people.

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    You need to avoid the border patrol checkpoints simply because you HAVE had "material" in your car recently. They DO use dogs routinely, they sniff every vehicle as you pull up. I don't have a clue what it hit on, but I was detained at one a couple years ago (I-8 west of Yuma) and almost strip searched while the dog climbed all over my truck - and I have never had drugs in the vehicle *to my knowledge* and have not used anything in many years. Nothing was found. The truck had been serviced about 3 weeks prior, it's very possible that the "tech" had some residue on his clothing or something.

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