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  1. Default NY to ??? - first road trip, 11 days

    This spring break I want to go on my first road trip by myself. I have 11 days and I'm starting from central Long Island, NY.

    The problem is I have no idea where to go, or even where I could go in 11 days. I want to go somewhere beautiful but since I'm alone I don't want it to be too isolated. I love nature and want to take lots of photographs, but I also like touristy towns. I'm not looking to party at all.

    Any idea what my destination should be?

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    Default Welcome!

    Welcome to the RoadTrip America Forum!

    "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder" - so any recommendations would be based solely on the feelings of the person that provided them. Is there any particular aspect of nature that you enjoy more than others? Perhaps you really like mountains, or oceans, or mountain lakes, streams, and rivers? Odd geology? Animals? Maybe you can catch the northern migration of some birds on the Delmarva peninsula, or you could get that last glimpse of the naked Berkshire hills before the leaves fill out every tree in sight.

    Maybe you're looking to get out of the cold, or maybe you're looking to capture that last glimpse of colder weather? There's quite a range of options within 11 days from your starting position.

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    OH oh oh oh oh I am so excited for you mmv that you are going on your first solo road trip! Here's hoping you will get the fever and want to spend more time on the road after that!

    I agree with mass Tim... beauty is in the eye of the beholder so ya tell us more about what you like? Personally my favorite thing to do on a trip is go places I haven't been before. Have you seen most of the east coast all ready? If you have then why not go west? Have you seen much of Canada? There sure is beauty to be found in Canada! I just mentioned in another thread about the Cabot trail in Nova Scotia. from Long Island you could easily make a nice trip out of exploring upstate New York, crossing into Quebec, then heading through New Brunswick and into Nova Scotia. A really fine trip and personally Quebec city is just an awesome place to see along the way too. How much of New YOrk state have you explored? There is a lot of beauty right there in upstate new york.

    You can go many places in 11 days. You could even go to California and back although you would mostly be driving.

    Why not think of two things 1) where you haven't been and 2) what you consider beautiful! Combine those two and you will have much more of a better idea. Do you like lakes, mountains, deserts, oceans, green tress? what is it that really gets you?

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    I really haven't seen much of anything, the last time I was out of state was 4 years ago when I went through Providence and Boston up to Vermont. Other than that I haven't been on vacation since I was a kid. I would really be happy going anywhere - forests, lakes, mountains, deserts are all beautiful to me, I have no preference. I just don't really know how much I can drive in one day and where I could go with 11 days.

    I would like to head to the south west but I think that might be too much for a first road trip. I will definitely look into going into Canada.

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    On Interstate highways going point to point, you can do about 500 miles a day comfortably. This will equate to about 10 hours on the road when you figure normal stops for food, fuel, and potty. This would be a 5 or 6 day drive to get to the west coast, so 11 days for a round trip is nowhere near enough.

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    I mean, you're right it would be killer and your ass might be permanently damaged lol... but NYC to LA is about 2700 miles, thats about 40 real hours on the road. You could do that in 4 days if you're insanely motivated, 3 days if you're crazy. Maybe I'm crazy. I mean, there would be no stops and fun along the way accept for the changing scenery which is awesome if he's never been away from the east coast, but it can be done.

    But if he's really just interested in the southwest, maybe New Mexico or Arizona or even Colorado are good destinations. NYC to Denver is only about 1700 miles. I spent a lot of time growing up in Colorado and there is plenty southwest American culture and feel that CO has to offer.

    But I'd recommend exploring upstate New York and going into Canada. There's so much beauty to be found! :D

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    Trying to do NY to CA in 3 days isn't crazy: it is extremely reckless, and puts countless lives at risk. There's simply no way to safely drive that kind of distance day after day after day. Quite frankly, doing the trip in 4 days is really too much - and more than professional drivers are allowed to do.

    NY to LA also isn't 40 real hours on the road - its actually closer to 50 when you factor in just the bare minimum of stops and slowdowns. You'd have to average 70 mph to do the 2800 mile trip in 40 hours, and the only way to average that over a full day of travel is to spend nearly all day at a cruising speed above 90mph if not in the triple digits.

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    Default A couple of options

    forests, lakes, mountains, deserts are all beautiful to me, I have no preference.
    Depending on how much driving you want to do, you could head out to Colorado and explore the lakes and mountains such as in Rocky mountain NP. That would be about a week of driving out and back, leaving you 4 days to do a little exploring.

    Much closer to home and possibly more suited to a first trip and the time available to you, would be the Appalachians, with the likes of Shenandoah NP, the Blue ridge parkway and on to the Great smokey mountains.

    Wherever you decide to go, check out a different route each way to see more of the country. Do a little research and when you have decided where it is you are headed, I am sure we can help to "fine tune" your trip.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Midwest Michael View Post
    Trying to do NY to CA in 3 days isn't crazy: it is extremely reckless, and puts countless lives at risk. There's simply no way to safely drive that kind of distance day after day after day.
    But I don't know I'm not recommending anybody actually to do this... but I do think everybody has a different tolerance for driving. I drove straight from OKC till about 2 hours south of Philly and that was about 22 hours drive... but I just didn't get tired during that time. Once I got tired it hit me quickly and I pulled over the car right on the highway and slept I didn't even try and make it any further. I mean I was fully awake and alert for the drive, I've always been able to stay awake like that with ease. My fiance on the other hand can't go more than 3 hours straight of driving or he gets delirious. I think my mom has the same tenacity for me as driving because she drove OKC to Newark straight on a separate occasion. I mean I don't think theres any actual time you can put saying, you can't drive more than this every day... I just think everybody has a different level that's all. Some will be less and some more

    I wasn't trying to recommend he go NYC-LA and then back in 11 days, I was just saying, it can be done is all. I mean, is 10 hours a day really that bad? That's what truckers are allowed isn't it? I mean I don't know that's why I'm asking. 5 in the morning take a few hours break and then 5 in the evening? I mean taking only one break in each of the 5 to get gas maybe. If you did that I think you could make it pretty much from one coast to another in 4 days - 5 days.

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    With nominal stops, 10 hours a day is going to get you 550 miles on Interstate highways - less east of the Mississippi, more west. NYC to LA is 2800 miles via fastest route. Do the math - 5 days.

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