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    I am planning a roadtrip with a friend for April 2011...I know it's still months away I just like to be prepared and what not and it gets me stoked! We are going from VANCOUVER BC --> LA ..and we are going for 4 weeks!!! We'll be going to vegas for a weekend...and sanfrancisco as well for a fewdays...other places of course too but those are the main ones for now..

    - We would like to drive along the oregan and california coast!! So basically what I would like to know is...
    A) Approximatly how many hours does that take? just straight thru I need a ball park.

    B) Is it do - able to take about 3 days to get there? going down the coast? Pretty much driving mostly only stopping for a few pictures if need be..and eating/bathroom/stretching of course

    C) ALSO: Is 5grand a decent amount to bring with me? i know it depends on what i wanna spend but is that decent...or not even close?

    THANKS =)

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    Sorry, no driving the coast from Vancover to LA in 3 days isn't even close to possible. This is a slow going route, where just San Francisco to LA alone is a full 2 day trip.

    Also remember for some perspective that you're looking at a trip that's already 1300 miles just via I-5, which is possible in 2 very long days, but we'd really recommend taking 2 and a half - the coast takes roughly twice as much time as I-5.

    Even moving at a very good clip, I wouldn't even attempt to do the entire coast in less than 5 full days - and that would leave very little time for stopping for exploration.

    Your budget seems fine, and it appears it was discussed last year when you proposed a very similar trip.

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