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  1. Default road trip starting in Salt lake, ideas please? oregon, rt 101, redwoods? August

    So I have a sudden 3 weeks off from now til the end of August, and want to take a road trip of a week and a half to 2 weeks likely. I am starting in Salt lake city. My original idea was take 80 to rt 101 up to tillamook, OR and Portland, then back to slc via 84, but realized that's 40 hours of driving. I'm looking for new ideas.

    If I just took hwy 84 up to portland (12.5 hr drive according to google), is there anything to see along the way? how boring is the drive?

    I am hoping to camp on a beach a night or 2, do some awesome mountain biking (I like smooth, flowy singletrack, and I'm a decent intermediate rider), and maybe see some huge trees (redwoods? sequoia?) or a rainforest. Ofcourse some hiking is in order, and I'd like to check out some cool small towns.

    I am open to suggestions of any sort. I'm mainly thinking somewhere pacific northwest-ish, but if someone has another awesome idea that might work too.

    Thanks in advance!
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    Please don't go by Google drive times. They do not account for stops or delays of ANY type. Add 20% to account for reality. SLC to Portland is not a drive to be attempted in one day.

    There is no such thing as a "boring" drive unless YOU make it so.

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    If you want to see an aerial view of the Highway 84 or the other route, check out for Utah, Idaho, and Oregon.
    Here is Highway 84 in Utah:

    I hear that the Columbia River Gorge is beautiful. I don’t recall much when I drove through the area because it was raining with low cloud cover and I had to concentrate on the road. Here are some links:

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    thanks for the links! I'm definitely planning to explore the Gorge!

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    SO I am realizing I want to do too many things in all different corners in the state. Here's a list of things I would like to see and do: Crater Lake, Painted Hills/John Day national Monument, Mountain bike the McKinley River Trail, bend, portland, possibly ashland, camp on a beach, hike/ride in a rainforest.

    If I were to try and do all of that, it's coming up to probably 35 hrs of driving total, from SLC. What out of those things should I not miss? Any suggested routes?

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    Default A 'Short' Loop

    First of all, 35 hours of driving over 3 weeks is nothing, less than 2 hours a day, leaving most of your time for hiking, biking, camping, etc. Secondly, you can make a very nice loop out of 1) down the Snake and Columbia Rivers on I-84 to Portland, 2) coastal camping to the Redwoods using US-101 to Orick, CA, and 3) back home via Crater Lake using US-199/I-5/OR-140/OR-62/OR-232/US-97/US-20/I-84. A few things to keep in mind and possible destinations:

    Along the southern shore of the Columbia River, get off -84 when and where you can and follow the old Historic Columbia River Highway. There are a number of short hikes off this road back into some very scenic waterfalls. There are many state parks along the Oregon coast, but only a relative handful have camping facilities, so do some research and planning before you go. Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area should be high on your list. There are two redwood parks near Orick, Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park and Redwood National Park, try to visit them both. At some point, either going or returning, you should try to get to Bruneau Canyon and/or Bruneau Sand Dunes south of Mountain Home, ID.


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    I wish I was traveling for 3 weeks, but I am only planning 9-12 days. I feel if I try to do all that I will miss a lot of things. My tentative loop is up 84 to portland, down to crater lake, ride Mckinley River trail, and back across southeastern or to highway 80. I'd definitely explore the columbia river gorge, and take a trip to tilamook or somewhere else on the coast near portland. Any suggestions of rainforest areas to check out (mt hood? coast somewhere?)

    Those dunes sound awesome, but a bit further southwest than I think I'll have time to get to. I'll stop at Bruneau on the way up probably!

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