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  1. Default Floridian going on 10-13 day road trip!

    I'm a college student from floria and me and some friends will be going on a road trip in July of 2011. We know that we want to do some National Park stops along with museums, plays, "foodie" things and outdoor activites i.e hiking, paddling ect. We want to go to a few states but also want to stay in the Southeast.
    I could use all the help I can get as I do not have ANY idea what to do!! Thanks ahead of time! :-)

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    We'd love to help you, but we can't fill in the details for you when you haven't told us, perhaps because you don't even know yet, where you're going! So the first thi8ng you're going to have to do is to sit down with your friends and come up with a basic plan that appeals to you rather than us.


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    It's very true that I didn't know where we wanted to visit! After talking to them we are looking at going to Georgia, Tennesse, and Kentucky! We wanted to see some of the "Best" sites in each of these three states. We want to see some beautiful country, visit a few quaint old fashioned towns, see some of the cultural spots i.e. plays, museums, and visit the BEST food places in those states! I hope this is what you were looking for!

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    The first thing I recommend is that you visit the State Tourist bureaus online. Most will mail you a hard copy guide. Just type in the "(Name of State) tourist" as the search topic. Here are some examples:

    All tourist site have search features to help you narrow down the type of activity you want to participate in.

    I do not know if it is popular in Florida, but a lot of people where I live spend some time at Borders or Barnes&Noble Bookstores that also serve coffee and other drinks. They spend a few hours scanning the travel guides to get an idea of places they want to visit. You can also try your local library.

    After you find the places you want to visit, this forum is great at helping you plan the route to efficiently get to those places.

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