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  1. Default road trip starting san fan through deep south then ending miami

    we need help sorting out budgeting. we are from the uk and doing a road trip starting san fan through deep south then ending miami.

    we are going for 6 weeks and need some advice on the best spot not to miss and how much to budget each day, we already have bought r greyhound tickets to get from place to place.

    any help would be amazing.

    leoni xx

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I'll start by saying that 6 weeks is a very nice amount of time for a cross country trip, however, there's just no way to start narrowing down the "best" spots in a country as large as the US - especially when you've told us nothing about your interests.

    One element that will be tricky is your plan to take Greyhound the whole way? That may be the cheapest option (and one of your only options if you are under 21), however there are many significant downsides. The biggest is that the bus simple doesn't go to many of the nation's biggest and most well known natural wonders. They simply don't serve places like the Grand Canyon, or Yosemite National Parks, and they won't let you travel down the pacific coast highway. If your primary goal is to see cities, you won't have as many problems (although public transit within cities can also be a little tricky), but I think your first issue will be to try to figure out where you actually can go, and figure out what arraignments or tours you might need to book to see areas not serviced by greyhound.

    In terms of your budget, that will also depend upon an number of things. Lodging will be a significant expense (a budget motel will run on average $50 a night), as will food (varies greatly depending upon how you plan to eat: restaurants, etc). Your transportation costs will be relatively fixed since you'll know the price of bus tickets, but you'll also have to budget for inter-city transportation like city bus/subway passes, and likely some cab fare as well, plus any extra tours, admission fees, and other "fun" money on top of your basic travel expenses.

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