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  1. Default Road trip from south Florida to California

    A bit last minute, but I'm taking a road trip from Florida to California this Tuesday, and just wanted to see what suggested spots I must see. Including restaurants, sights, etc! Anything helps! Thank you!

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Considering that a trip from Florida to California could potentially cover anything in the 48 states, I think you'll have to narrow things down a bit.

    How much time do you have, what's your route, what things do you already plan to see, what are your interested, etc? Without knowing things like that, its impossible to give you any sort of meaningful advice or suggestions. Of course, in the meantime, you can also spend a little time looking around the forum and reading the articles elsewhere on the site, as there is already a ton of information that can help you with planning a cross country trip.

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    Wow very true. And thank you very much for the welcome. I'm a recent graduate from college and now heading home to California. I'm taking the 10 fwy all along the southern states. I love to see things like "worlds biggest" or "worlds only" lol. Things like that. I love barbecue so a few of those suggestions along the south would be great. As far as time constraints, there really aren't any. I can either attempt a straight shot or make it a week long trip. I grew up taking roadtrips from Los Angeles to Vegas, also from Los Angeles way down to Cabo San Lucas, Mx., but I'm sure this is going to be something different and I am very excited for it. I'll also take your advice and browse around the forums. Thank you very much!

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    Default I don't think so.

    As far as time constraints, there really aren't any. I can either attempt a straight shot or make it a week long trip.
    Eh ? I am not sure what you mean by "a straight shot" but you have a minimum of a 5 day drive, driving 9-10 hours a day and that is with time only for short breaks to eat, go to the bathroom and fill with gas. Taking a multi day trip we recommend not to cover more than 5- 600 miles a day as fatigue will set in and you become a risk to yourself and other road users.

    Enjoy the forums !

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