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    Hi, I'm from Brazil and at a family lunch we were discussing a trip to Manhattam to spend a few days there in June/July 2011, and after a couple minutes we decided to transform it into a full month roadtrip from south to north of eastcoast.

    But since we're not americans, we don't know what are the nice locations to pass by during our trip, so I came here to ask for some help.

    The only cities we already know that we want to visit are: Miami, Orlando and New York.

    From our map viewing we kind of imagine that we're going to pass trough Florida/Georgia/S.Carolina/N.Carolina/Virginia/Maryland/Pnnsylvania/New Jersey/New York and since it's a road trip and it's going to be long we needed tips of nice places to spend a day.

    Another thing we need is a car we could rent to accomodate 7 people and full luggage =D.

    Thank for any help =D.

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    Default The Long and Long of it

    Bem-Vindo! Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Well, Miami to New York is a relatively long trip (1300 miles before you start detouring off the main I-95 artery) but should be driven in a bit over two days, leaving you plenty of time to explore some of the treasures of coastal America. For a rough itinerary through some of the coastal high spots have a look at the coastal route description in this post.

    For something that will carry 7 adults plus luggage you'll need a vehicle larger than even a stretch mini-van. I think you're going to need something in the 'specialty' category such as a Suburban or full-sized passenger van. Do not believe the claims by the car rental companies that a typical mini-van such as a Chrysler Town and Country, Ford FreeStar, "or similar" will carry 7 passengers and luggage. I just spent 8 days in a FreeStar with 3 adults, 2 children along with 3 suitcases and 2 coolers and we were cramped. You will probably need to do some calling to at least half a dozen of the major US car rental companies and see what they have in larger vehicles.


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