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    Default Germans hit the road - from Miami to San Francisco

    Hello everyone,

    i'm glad i found this site. It seems that many people in this forum are aware of hitting the road in the states. So i thought i could ask you for some tips or advices for a road trip with my brother in this summer. (sorry for bad english, i don't use it pretty often in germany... hope it will be better through some small talk during the trip :) ). so this is what it is about:

    me and my brother (from cologne, germany and münster, germany) are planning to do a road trip in this summer. We will arrive in the end of august in miami. then we stay for about one month in the united states. we already rent a car that will be given to us in miami. So, here is our roughly planned route:

    Miami - Key West
    Key West - Miami - Daytona beach
    Daytona beach - Jacksonville
    Jacksonville - New orleans
    New orleans - houston
    houston - dallas (it might be possible that we cut houston off our route - except anyone tells us, that there is a lot to see..)
    dallas - amarillo
    amarillo - albuquerque
    albuquerque - monument valley
    monument valley - grand canyon
    grnad canyon - las vegas
    las vegas - san diego
    san diego - LA
    LA - SFO

    We also want to visit sequoia, yosemite and death valley. So, we know, that it will be a kind of hard trip, but both of us are so excited to hit the road... our goal is the path.

    So, do you have any advices for us, which we should know? We planned to sleep in a tent on camping grounds, so it would be nice, if anyone could tell us some good campgrounds for our trip. I think it will be pretty hard to sleep in a tent in the summer in florida, so any suggestions for e.g. some good motels or youth hostels will really help us! It would also be nice, if someone has some tips for some nice stations to get a restorative meal (breakfast, lunch, dinner) to stay energized during the trip.

    thanks in advance for any help!

    Greetings from germany.

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    It looks like you've got a very nice trip laid out, and a month will give you a very nice time to do it.

    One thing to consider at the end, since you want to see DV, Yosemite, and Sequoia, you may find it easier to go from Vegas to San Francisco seeing those places on the way, then go down the coast and finish your trip in LA/San Diego.

    As far as places to stay and eat, etc, its really just too big of a question to narrow down all of the thousands upon thousands of motels, campgrounds, and restaurants that will be along your 4000 mile path.

    For campgrounds, the first place I'd be looking is at the national parks where you'll be visiting, as well as the state parks systems in each of the places you'll be traveling through. If you get a good map/atlas, they will also usually mark such campgrounds right on the map.

    For food, restaurant owners and staff change frequently, so a great restaurant today could be closed up by tomorrow. The best advice is usually to ask the locals and find out what their favorite places are.

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