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    We are travelling from Sacramento to Vegas in a couple weeks as part of our family holiday.

    I know ive left this bit of our trip a bit late to sort out and that this route is the most popular, but there is so much information, the more i read the more confused im getting.

    Our journey will be over 2 days and we're hoping to do something along these lines

    5 Sept - Leave Sacramento and head through Yosemite and/or Sequoia. Stay overnight somewhere (we've not booked anywhere but were looking at either Porterville or Bakersfield?)
    6 Sept - Head to Las Vegas via Death Valley (we dont mind getting to Vegas early evening)

    I could really use some help on the route, and where to stay overnight on the 5th.

    And if you have the time, the quickest way from Las Vegas to LA (we need to be at LAX by 1pm for our flight back to the UK)

    Thanks in advance

    Kim x

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    Default A lot.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    You might be under estimating how large this area is and the miles you need to cover. With 2 day's you are not going to be able to visit all 3 parks in 2 day's, it would be a lot just driving through them. What I would suggest is to skip Sequoia NP [shame I know] and take the Tioga pass [CA120] across the Sierra Nevada into Lee vining. You will be lucky to find lodgings in Yosemite and due to your time restraints Lee vining is a good bet for spending the night and is approx half way. Get an early start and head to Yosemite valley and then enjoy the views along the Tioga pass. From Lee vining South on 395 to Lone Pine and then 190 across DV to Death valley junction and then to Pahrump on State line/Ash Meadows and 160 to Vegas. It's going to be busy but you will see some incredible scenery.

    To LAX I 15 to I 10 to CA/I 210 to I 605 to I 105 look s the quickest but some Locals might be along with an alternative. I hope the 1pm is check in time and not flight time as you really need to allow 7 plus hours in case you run into congestion in the urban sprawl of LA.

    It does seem like quite a bit to cope with on your last 3 day's and you might want to consider doing Yosemite and Sequoia and then LA to make it a more pleasurable experience.

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    To LAX I 15 to I 10 to CA/I 210 to I 605 to I 105 look s the quickest
    Looks the best to me too, with the exception of I-10. 210 is before you get to I-10 going south on I-15. LV to LAX can be done in 5 hours if everything goes right - and that's a BIG IF. It's approximately 300 miles. Don't forget the time it's going to take to refuel the car, turn it back in, and get a shuttle to the terminals.

    Is turning the car in at LV and catching an internal flight to LAX an option?

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