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    Hi everyone,

    Im new to this forum and have been reading other threads to get some advice and inspiration for my own roadtrip. Me and my husband (both 25) want to travel around America next April for 6 weeks and we have a total budget of about 8000 pounds (about 12500 dollars). We are taking an internal flight from washington to Jackson Hole and then hiring a car for the rest of the trip. Im just looking for some advice and tips on what we should see or any good routes to take?

    This is the plan so far::
    London to New York,
    New York
    Jackson, Wyoming (flight)
    Yellowstone National park
    Salt lake
    (stop between salt lake and san fran, Reno?)
    San Francisco,
    LA (Hollywood)
    Las Vegas
    Flagstaff (Grand Canyon & Hoover Dam)
    Back to Salt lake, then internal flight back to New York for flight back home to UK.

    Any suggestions would be greatly received,
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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    It looks like you've got a very nice loop laid out, and a very nice amount of time to see things with a very healthy budget to see everything.

    a few thoughts that immediately come to mind:

    You could probably save a rather significant amount of money by starting and ending your trip in Salt Lake (or possibly Denver), rather than flying into Jackson Hole and out of SLC. You'll always pay more doing a one way car rental, and flights are usually more expensive too - and since Jackson Hole is a pretty small airport that's going to likely increase those extra costs quite significantly.

    There are also quite a lot of things in the middle that you could add.

    Reno is a perfectly fine place to stop after SLC, as that's about right for a full days drive, however between there and San Francisco you could look at spending some time at Lake Tahoe, and/or Yosemite National Park.

    You'll also want to make sure you give yourself a couple of days to go down the coast from SF to LA, and while you are in California you might also consider stops at some of the other national parks like Sequoia, Joshua Tree, and Death Valley.

    Another alternative in this leg would be to skip Salt Lake after yellowstone, and make your way across Idaho and Oregon, and then spend more time working your way down the coast.

    And of course, there are also a ton of things you could do between the Grand Canyon and Salt Lake City. Utah is filled with natural wonders. A couple options would include going up through Zion and Bryce National Parks, or go up through Monument Valley, towards Canyonlands and Arches National Parks, and you could even look a bit farther east and explore a bit of Colorado while you are at it.

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    Default Still winter in Yellowstone.

    With the time you have available, I really like Michael's suggestion of doing a loop from SLC or Denver and having the chance to see more of this great part of the world, of which some Michael has mentioned some options.

    You will need to bring some extra warm clothing, as Yellowstone in April is very much still in Winter mode and you will be restricted to visiting only certain area's of the park. You could even consider heading South first [Vegas or LA] and work your way North leaving Yellowstone until nearer the end of your trip. It's a great time to visit though as Yellowstone begins to wake up for the Spring and visitor numbers are much lower than in peak season.
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    Yellowstone in April is very much still in Winter mode and you will could be restricted to visiting only certain area's of the park.
    The later you go, the more roads will be open. Here are the estimated opening dates. As you can see, hardly anything is open to wheeled vehicles in the winter and early spring.

  5. Default new plan

    Thanks for all your advice. We have had a re-think and have decided that we might do 2 loops instead, one on the west coast and one on the east coast, connected by an internal flight.

    We were thinking we would a start in Boston and hire a car, the travel down to New York, Washington DC, Nashville, St. Louis, Chicago, Niagra Falls, Vermont and then back to Boston for 3 weeks.
    Then fly over to LA and hire another car. We would start at LA, then up to San Francisco. Then travel up the pacific coast to Seattle and work our way across to Yellowtone National Park (would get here at beginning of May) then down to Salt lake city, Las Vegas and back to LA. We were hoping to do this bit in a bout 3 weeks aswell.

    As you can probably tell, this is a very rough guide as we are still at the planning stages, so some other stops may be added in along the way.

    What are anyone's thoughts on this? Do you think we are trying to accomplish too much in 6 weeks? The aim is to try and see as much of America as we can and it works out cheaper to hire 2 cars for 3 weeks each as opposed to 1 car for 6 weeks (weird!).

    Thanks again for all your suggestions so far

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    For the second trip, I'd advise starting in Seattle or SF and going counter-clockwise.


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