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  1. Default Lake Tahoe to Las Vegas, best places to stay on the way, no rush!

    Hi there. We're coming the CA for the month of September 2010 and for the most part of the trip we're fine however, we will be leaving Lake Tahoe driving towards Las Vegas around the 20th and are not sure what to do, we're not in a rush and want to see as much as possible, even if it takes 3 days to reach Vegas, any accommodation ideas would be welcomed, best places to visit etc.. we're not really into museums but do love the outdoors. We have been told that the 395 road is the most picturesque so we really want to do this, advice on the Grand Canyon would also be welcomed. Apologies if it sounds like a silly request but being British and living in Spain, both small countries, it's hard to digest the size of this amazing area.
    Many thanks to anyone who can help with advice
    Kevin, Dean and Julie

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I think it would be very much helpful to know the details of your entire trip, as it will give us a far better perspective than just the piecemeal of this one section. It will also give us an idea of what places to recommend and what places won't be needed to mention because they are already in your trip.

    There are a lot of great things to see along US-395, with Mono Lake, Mammoth, Bodie Ghost town, Mt. Whitney, and Death Valley being a few of the highlights.

    I will note that specific accommodation requests are a bit difficult on this forum because there are hundreds of possible motels, catering to all different budgets, and since we strive for great first hand information, there just isn't the population to have sampled even a fraction of them. What we can provide is general background information, like at the Grand Canyon you've pretty much got the choice between staying right along the rim in the national park, which cost quite a lot of money, Staying in a town just outside the park (Tusyan or Cameron) which also is quite expensive, or staying an hour or so away in Williams or Flagstaff where you'll find more budget options.

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    Default Pieces of the puzzle.


    As Michael mentioned, knowing some other details would be helpful like what is before Tahoe and after Vegas? Is Yosemite NP on your "to do" list and what are your plans for fitting in the Grand canyon? The canyon is more than a day trip by road from Vegas and therefor would require an overnight stay to make it worth while. Perhaps you are going on to somewhere else from the GC ? This is the sort of info that will help us to give you the best advice.

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    Hi There,
    Thanks very much for the reply. To follow I have listed our itinerary so far however, we haven't planned everything as far as accommodation is concerned as we don't want to be tied to places we may not like as much as others.

    7th Sept - Arrive in LAX and go to Pasadena, hotel booked for the first 3 nights as we have people to see and want to do the usual! you know, Hollywood, Universal etc..

    10th Sept - Leave LA and head towards San Francisco on the coast road stopping en-route for 1 night to break the journey up, perhaps Big Sur or somewhere like that.

    11th Sept - Arrive in SAn Francisco and stay for 3/4 nights

    13th or 14th Sept - Head over to Napa Valley for 1 night

    15th - Go over to Lake Tahoe for 1 night

    16th - This is where we need advice, we're heading towards Las Vegas from Tahoe and are in no rush, we want to take in Yosemite etc.. before reaching Las Vegas, any advice welcome.

    After leaving Las Vegas we're off to Lake Arrowhead.
    In total we are in CA for 23 nights so we can play around with the itinerary.

    Many thanks

    Kevin, Dean and Julie

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    Default One of many options.

    If you still have 3 day's between Tahoe and Vegas you could take a scenic drive on one of the Sierra passes that lay to the North of Yosemite [CA 4 or 108 perhaps] and stay either in Yosemite or one one of the nearby towns on the Western side of the mountains. Explore the park and then head over the Tioga pass [CA120] towards Lee vining/Mono lake and stop for the night on the Eastern side, possibly as far as Bishop on 395. Next day continue to Lone Pine and across Death valley on 190 to Death valley junction and then the Ash meadows/State line Rd to Pahrump and 160 to Vegas. If you can spare an extra day for this part of the journey it would be more relaxed as there is lots to see and you could spend a night in Death valley.

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