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    I just found this forum and need some help planning a road trip in September 2010. This is an educational trip for a homeschool family. Here is my tentative route (suggestions/additions are welcomed):

    Atlanta, Asheville (Biltmore), Williamsburg, VA, Washington DC, Bethesda, MD (USU), Philadelphia (Liberty Bell), New York City, Amish Country - PA, and return to Atlanta

    We do not have a specified time limit, but estimate 10-14 days. Here are some of our plans and/or questions:

    (1) Spend one day at Biltmore
    (2) Spend 1-2 days in Colonial Williamsburg
    (3) Spend 1-2 days in DC and Bethesda - we have visited DC before and only plan on seeing a few things we missed.
    (4) One day in Philadelphia ? is this enough?
    (5) 2-3 days in New York City - lots of questions here:
    I would like to drive to an outlying suburb, park my car, and use public transportation in NYC. I need suggestions on where to park my car (that is safe and allowed), should I stay in a hotel here, or stay in NYC?, suggestions on where to stay in NYC that is not super-expensive, but safe, and must-see things in NYC
    (6) From NYC, I would like to come back through Amish County. Need suggestions on complete return trip - where to stop, things to see along the way, and time needed at each. We are mainly interested in Historical/educational sites as this is a school trip.

    Please send me any and all suggestions.

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    5. I would stay in a hotel out in the NJ suburbs where you can park the car and ride the train into the city. Assuming Manhattan, there's no inexpensive hotels keeping family safety in mind and parking is very costly. There are all kinds of fare options on NJTransit that should help you keep the commuting cost down.

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    Can you give me the name(s) of some suburbs to investigate? I am specifically looking for those with Public Transportation into NYC.

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    This map should help you, along with other info on the NJTransit website. There are dozens of suburbs along the commuter rail lines.

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