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    Default JFK to Niagara Falls?

    So I land at JFK airport at 1300 and im planning to drive to Niagara Falls.
    My plan is to drive as far as I can then stay at a motel then hopefully be in Niagara in the morning, then spend the whole day and night there, then next morning drive back towards NYC, stop at a motel that night and then hit the BIG APPLE the following morning!

    Does this sound possible?
    Anything to see/do/stay in between???


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    By the time you land, collect your luggage, clear customs and immigration, and get a rental car, you will be in the height of afternoon rush hour, and be jet lagged. I'd advise you to get a hotel near the airport and wait till morning to hit the road. If I came to London, the last thing I'd want to do right off the bat is get out into rush hour traffic driving on the wrong side of the road!

    If it helps, you *CAN* drive from NYC to Niagara Falls in one day - it's about an 8 to 9 hour drive.

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