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    This might be a dumb question / or maybe I just haven't figured it out... but is there a way to save threads? That way you can just go to your profile or have a list somewhere to read back on your favorite ones/informative ones etc. Because I always find really good ones and then can never find them again :[

    Please let me know if there's a function for this.



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    Default Some tips

    Quote Originally Posted by atinybird View Post
    Because I always find really good ones and then can never find them again.
    You can always find your own threads and posts by clicking on your user name for the list. As far as other posts -- many of the best ones are already designated as being "stickies" and they'll always be at the top of the various sub-forums. If you find one that you really like, ask one of the Moderators to make it a sticky. You can also copy the link to the posts you like in your profile as you suggested. (actually I may need to enable this...) I'll look.


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    Default subscribing

    There is a subscribe to threads feature on the forum which will allow you to save a thread.

    I the top of the thread, there is a button for "thread tools" and you click subscribe under that dropdown menu.

    To access what you've save, click the "settings" button at the top right of the screen, which will take you to the portion of the your profile where you can see what you've saved.

    Additionally, if you are just looking for your own posts or threads you've started, click "my profile" where there is an option to see all posts or see all started threads.

    And of course, another easy way to do any of that would be just to use the "bookmarks" feature of your web browser.

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    Ah, okay, great. I wasn't sure about the subscribe thread feature. Thanks for clearing that up.
    Yeah, there's a bunch of threads, that probably aren't worth stickying, but have little bits of good advice here and there that I like to look back at.

    Thanks so much, guys!

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