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  1. Default 40 day round trip rental options?

    I am planning on going San Francisco to the East Coast and back with a rental car over a 40 day period. Only problem is most rental cars are for only 28 days and you have to return to the company for servicing. Is there a company that would allow me to rent for 40 days without a return after 28?

    One option is to rent for 20 days pick up in SF and drop off in NY then rent another car for the return trip. Returning to another destination (other than pick up location) appears to be extremly expensive ($1,000 fee or more) with the companies I can find though.

    I dont want to have to complete a 8,000 mile round trip in 28 days because I would be too rushed. I also wish to get an large American car to make the journey worthwhile, have been looking at Mustang convertibles or Dodge Chargers. Does any one know of a company that can provide a 40 day rental without a return half way through?

    (also I am 23 years old if this is of any consequence, I realize I have a $20-$30 charge a day for this). Thanks for any advice.

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Most companies will allow you to do a rental like this, although their online reservation/computer systems may not let you do it.

    And yes, it is common for you to have to "check in" at the one month mark, however, you should be able to simply stop at a rental location somewhere along your route for servicing, and then be allowed to continue on the same contract.

    Your best bet is to actually call the rental locations - while calling the 1-800 national call center might work, actually calling the specific branch where you would pick up the car and talking to a human being there - possibly even the branch manager - will likely get you beyond the computer roadblocks and get you on the road.

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