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  1. Default Planning a east coast trip 3 weeks in a RV Niagra Falls to Boston

    Here is our rought draft plan any suggestions would be appreciated

    Fly into Philadelphia (Visit family in Dubois) 3 days
    Niagra Falls 2 Days
    Washington DC 2 Days
    New York City 3 Days
    Cape Cod 2
    Boston 2 Days

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    The itinerary you've laid out is fine, although it looks like you've got another whole week of time available.

    However, if you'd like some more personalized advice, we really need to know far more about what you are looking for in terms of "suggestions." Knowing what you are interested in and what you plan to see in those cities would also be very helpful to getting responses that will be useful for your trip.

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    Default Need more.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums!

    This is a part of the US that I am not particularly familiar with but I can tell you that you will find Lot's of info just looking around the forums and other RTA pages at the top of the page.

    The other thing is that you haven't really told us about your interests, budget how many travelling or whether you are finishing in Philly etc.

    I love RV travel but have you thought it through ? Unless you are a group of 5 or 6 it rarely works out cheaper than a car and budget Motels and they are not really "City friendly" which appears to be what your trip is mainly focused on.

    Have a look around and when you have some specific questions please ask, but for now there really isn't much for members to go on.

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    Thanks Im new to this so..
    changing a little ...
    Day 1 Fly into Philadelphia
    Day 2 Hershey Park/Hershey
    Day 3 Bushkill Falls
    Day 4 Drive to Brockway PA Visit Family
    DAy 5 & 6 Visit Family
    Day 7 Drive Niagra Falls
    Day 8 Niagra Falls
    Day 9 Drive To Wahington DC
    Day 10 & 11 Washington DC
    Day 12 Drive New York City
    Day 13 -15 New York City
    Day 16 Drive Cap Cod
    Day 17 Cape Cod
    Day 18-19 Boston
    Day 20 sight see ??
    Day 21 Fly out of Boston
    It will be 6 of us myself 42 and 5 20 somethings
    we are interested in amusement parks, mueseums, historical sights, sight seeing pretty much anything.
    as for budget --- no budget for new york or boston just want to see the best things possible. especially in new york
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