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  1. Default Cheyenne to Vail/Avon, bypass Denver in November

    Time Frame for this travel is early November. I would be coming into Denver on I#25 from Cheyenne and would like a route to bypass Denver and destination is Avon, CO. Toll roads are OK with me but I would like a route explained to bypass Denver but prefer to stay on 4 lane highways if possible. Thanks in advance, McGruder

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    I'm sorry, but since Denver is located right next to the heart of the Rocky Mountains, your routing options are very limited. When you are talking about staying on 4 lane highways, I don't know of any route in which it would be possible to avoid the Denver metro. What's your reasoning for trying to avoid the city?

    I-25 to I-76 to I-70 does avoid Downtown Denver, and I think that's about as good as will be possible.

    There are no toll roads anywhere in Colorado or Wyoming (at least not on the main highways).

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    Thanks for the reply. My main reason to bypass the metro is just that I'm a senior citizen, don't like heavy traffic areas and driving and pulling a large trailer thru a metro area is not my idea of a "nice day". Last year I by-passed Oklahoma City on a toll bypass and loved it. Salt Lake City, well that's another story as I said I'd never do that route again. I just thought a bypass if there was one would be the way to go. Weather permitting, I imagine the two lane roads around the metro area would be ok. I guess that's why I'm throwing this out there if there are any locals that could guide me thru maybe on the two lane roads. Thanks, McGruder

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    Denver does in fact have toll roads - the 470 loop is tolled from I-25 on the south all the way around the east side to US-36 on the northwest.

    To the original poster - there really isn't any good way to go around Denver on the northwest side to get from I-25 to I-70. If you don't hit Denver around rush hour, you shouldn't have a problem with 25/76 to 70. Otherwise, you would have to take 470 3/4 of the way around the city. It would be toll all the way from I-25 on the north side to I-25 on the south side, then it's free from there to I-70. There is no loop section built between US-36 and I-70 on the northwest side yet, it's all tied up in environmental and community squabbles. If you take 470 around, you would be adding 50 miles to your trip and paying $36.75 in tolls assuming a 2 axle trailer for a total of 4 axles.

    Studying a map carefully - disclaimer, I don't have first hand info here - you may be able to get off I-25 at exit 240 and take CO-119 through Longmont to Boulder. It looks like CO-157 will bypass most of downtown Boulder, then at the US-36 interchange you would jog over to CO-93 to Golden, then US-6 east to I-70. It looks like most of 119, 157, and US-6 is multi-lane, but it looks like 93 is all or mostly single lane. I don't think I'd bother, you are looking at going right through 3 major suburbs.

    I can relate to pulling a trailer and dealing with traffic - but in this case I think sticking to the most direct combination of freeways would be the wisest choice. Just time your trip accordingly. I'd be more concerned with pulling that big trailer up the grade to the tunnel and then over Vail Pass. If you don't have a turbodiesel, you will be down in 1st gear doing 20 mph.

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    Thanks glc for the info. I looked into the western route around Denver and I might go that way. Might take a little longer as I see it with the suburbs involved. I guess weather could be a determining factor in all of this. As far as Vail pass goes, one way or another I have to cross those mountains to get to Arizona for the winter. My GMC truck has the larger V8 6.2/403HP so if I'm only going 20mph when I go over, so be it, as long as I get there. I assumed when I posted that I might get a Denverite on the forum that would walk me through the area and show me all the shortcuts etc. I thank you again for your assistance. McGruder

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