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  1. Default Los Angeles to New York Quick Road Trip - Advice Needed!

    Myself and two friends are venturing on a roadtrip from LA to NY. We have done the drive once before but took the southern route. This time we would like to take a central/central-north route. We cannot lag out our trip for very long - only 3-4 days, so I need a fairly quick route with possibly a couple quick essential stops/drive throughs. Can anyone recommend a route to take and possibly quick a scenic detour/stop?
    My thought is to take the 80 E Route - Is there any essential spot anyone recommends to drive through/stop at? Is this a good route?
    We are taking a new model toyota so the trip should be fairly comfortable.
    Any advice would be very helpful as we will be making the journey very soon.
    Thanks! :)

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    Default On the edge at 4 day's.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    You are going to need 4 day's minimum to make this trip remotely safe and that is less than what we would normally recommend, but as there are 3 of you to rotate between driving and navigating while one rests in the back, you can use the speed run method. I would forget about scenic detours, this is going to be a business like trip where you will need to stop for a stretch and relax regular to keep alert and sane and your day's will be long enough as they are.

    I 15 TO 70 TO 80 is about as good as it get's for a trip like this, good luck !

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    This is a 2800 mile trip, and even with 4 days, that's 700 miles a day, which is 12 to 14 hours on the road including minimal necessary stops. We generally recommend at least 5 days to go coast to coast.

    If you need to do it in 4, take I-15/I-70/I-76/I-80. Your overnights should be Grand Junction CO, Grand Island NE, and South Bend IN. Follow the speed run procedures that Dave linked to.

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