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    My guy and I are flying to Minneapolis from Alaska to visit his mom...first time for me...then driving to meet his daughter again first time for Muskegon, Mi then off to drive to Hamburg, NY outside of Buffalo so he can meet my Canada for either of all in US driving...we have ten days to do all of this and make it back to Minneapolis to fly home...we'd like to spend Sept eleventh and twelfth with his mom..then go to daughter's for a day or two then go to my family's also on way back hit Cedar Pt and maybe Rock and Roll Hall of Fame...Cedar Point must be between the seventeenth and nineteenth as it is only open then....any ideas on routes? We don't want the ferry and want to drive it all...we are up for driving up to four hundred miles a day...may stay at truck stops if available...thanks for your input..we need to be in Minneapolis to fly home by the evening of the twentieth of september as we fly out early the twenty first...

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    I know you said you don't want to take the ferry, but that's the only way you are going to get from MSP to Muskegon in one day. It adds 250 miles going through Chicago and 400 miles going up through the UP. Yes, the ferry is going to cost you about $300 and it leaves Milwaukee at 12:30pm. MSP to Milwaukee is about 6 hours.

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    Default huh?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jimmyjamsgirl View Post
    We don't want the ferry and want to drive it all.
    I'm really puzzled by this statement, if you aren't using the ferry and you aren't driving, what are you thinking? Train? More flights?
    we are up for driving up to four hundred miles a day...may stay at truck stops if available
    This seems problematic.

    First, I really don't recommend two people trying to sleep in a car - as there just isn't room for you to get comfortable and really rest.

    Second, with the time you have, I just don't see how you fit everything in on your timescale while only driving 400 miles a day.

    For example, you could drive to Muskegon in one long day (12+ hours on the road, assuming minimal delays through chicago), but if you're at a 400 mile limit, you'll need a day and a half.

    Driving from there to Buffalo is a problem - but only because of your own limitations (in other words, why can't you go through canada?). Going the direct route through Canada is just over 400 miles, but if you go around through Toledo and Cleveland, that jumps up to 550 - once again doable in a long (10 hour) day, but a day and a half under your 400 mile cap.

    Going back to Minneapolis is going to be 2 days any way you look at it, but that looks like you've very much run out of time. 2 Days in MSP, 1.5 Days on the Road to Muskegon, 1.5 days there, another 1.5 days to Buffalo, and 1.5 days there, and a minimum of 2 days to drive back to Minneapolis means you've already burned through 10 days before you've included Cleveland.

    Things aren't adding up, but I'm not really sure that we're getting the full story here, so if you can share more with us about what you're thinking, perhaps there's more we can offer.

  4. Default problematic issues just misunderstandings

    Ok, I am unable to go through canada due to a dui. So, that takes Canada out of the pic. We are spending the eleventh and twelfth with his mom in minneapolis...want to drive out the thirteenth all the way to Muskegon or close and then visit his daughter the next day or two...we will drive all day the sixteenth and spend the night at my mom's in Hamburg, NY outside of Buffalo. Figure on staying there til the eighteenth late evening then driving to Cedar Point forgetting about Rock and Roll Hall of Fame...spending Sunday at Cedar Point...then drive out as far as we can and get a hotel room...when I said truck stops I meant the hotels sometimes near them. We fly out of Minneapolis early morning the twenty first..So we will drive the twentieth from wherever we get to the night of the nineteenth...We really do not want to spend three hundred dollars on a ferry ride. Nothing shadey going on in recovery. We will drive more than four hundred miles when we have to, but was hoping to get insights on faster routes and legal speed limits. Sorry, for the misunderstandings..any help appreciated. We have lots to do and little time what with trying to see all these folks we never get to see.

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    Default very tight

    The problem I still see is that after all day at Cedar Point you're not going to be able to get very far, yet you're still going to be a very long way from Minneapolis. If you made it to Toledo after a fun, but inevitably tiring day on the roller coasters, you'd be doing pretty good. However, that still leaves you 650 miles away from MSP - which is a very long day on the road (really more than we recommend), especially when you've expressed concerns about driving more than 400 miles.

    Its not impossible, but considering how little time you've got available to see family members already, you might think about saving Cedar Point for another day.

    Better yet, if you are renting a car and you haven't booked plane tickets, I'd strongly consider flying home from Buffalo or Cleveland, since it will save you 2 days of driving - a pretty large amount of time when you've only got 10 days total to do everything you are talking about.

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