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  1. Default Least scary route from Yosemite to Tahoe

    Yes, I am a big baby and I hate winding and mountainous roads - especially the ones with one lane each way and no guardrails. Maybe I watched too many action movies growing up but I have a deathly fear of getting bumped right over the edge. Sooo, we are taking a trip to Yosemite at the end of the month and going from there to Tahoe. The part of the trip from Yosemite to Tahoe is what is making me nervous. Could you suggest the best non-treacherous (lol) route for my husband and I to take? I keep hearing how beautiful the pass is but it sounds scary.

    I know I know that I am going to be in the MOUNTAINS and thus I have to deal with some roads that I won't particularly love, but I would like to ease myself into this as much as possible so I am able to remove my hand from the death grip I will inevitably have on the door when we arrive LOL

    Thanks so much!

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    You need to deal with it - every road in and out of Yosemite and in the park is mountainous and winding. You might as well just go over Tioga and up 395. Just make HIM drive.

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    Bummer - I hoped at least one of the options would be somewhat less treacherous than the others LOL But thanks for the info =) Hubby always drives the mountain roads ;)

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    Default Not so bad.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    The Tioga pass is a well paved 2 lane Rd and really isn't all that bad, millions of people have driven it safely, and I and thousands alike have driven it in a large RV and survived ! [Lol]

    Seriously, don't worry and enjoy the ride. Once you have climbed up from Mono lake [which isn't bad] it levels out and you have wonderful views of meadows and lakes. Yes it's a slow going mountain Rd and as you descend into the valley it gets a little narrow and twisty, but everyone is taking it slow, and where needed there is a low wall to stop you being "bumped off".

    Sit back, relax and enjoy the ride !

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    Default There are options

    The Tioga Pass road is not all that scary, there are much steeper roads over the mountain passes in the area!

    But there are two alternatives to the Tioga Pass route that are considerably less steep if you are going to Lake Tahoe. The first is I-80 -- four lanes of Interstate Highway that cross Donner Pass -- very tame, but still beautiful.

    US-Hwy-50 is also much tamer than Tioga Pass, but it still has beautiful mountain views. Being terrified is not a preferred way to road trip. Both of these alternative routes will add several more hours of driving, but they are valid alternatives. You could actually drive completely around the Sierra Nevada mountains but that would require crossing some other mountain passes and take 2-3 extra days... Lake Tahoe is surrounded by mountains, so you may need to just sit back, breathe deeply and enjoy the ride...


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    I have the same fear! My first road trip with my fiance we were driving in the colorado mountain, I thought we were going to fall to our deaths, if the roads didn't kill me I thought the fear would. I didn't even know roads like that were even made, I was sooo scared because they didn't even have gaurd rails. Its easy for people who don't have this fear to say chill. but to one white knuckle passenger to another I discovered Anxiety meds! It sounds silly & a little over doing it I know, I have NEVER taken them before or needed to before but ever since I talked to my doctor about he now prescribes them to me when I take road trip that require me to go on roads like this. I wouldn't recommend them if you are the one driving but for me my fiance drives anyways. They just allow me to relax.

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    I know how you feel and how hard it is to relax on that kind of drive. If it were me, I'd take I-80 because I'd be more comfortable with 4 lanes than 2. You could do an internet search for Interstate 80 and Donner Pass. There may be some photos of the highway in that area that would give you an idea of what it's like in advance.

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